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(ended 1994)

Final Episode: Flying Dupes

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    I seen the notes on this one in the guide. Its the only episode I don't have recorded of the show. It would be nice to have it for a complete collection. I wonder if it will be on DVD. In fact that has me wondering about DVDs of the show. There was a volume one release back mid 2006 but nothing since. It could be early yet to expect one. I haven't looked into the 1st release though. I always check that the DVDs are 100% intact as originally aired. But anyways I thought I'd post about it. I know there have been other episodes of other disney toons that have been removed from syndication for rediculous reasons like this one has. I just don't get disney they disown their own stuff and then decades later decide to take it back. Like "Watcher in the Woods" I seen the movie when I was a kid and wanted to get it. To find disney disowned it but another company made a DVD. I spent more than a normal DVD of its kind and then a few months later Disney had taken it back and puts it on DVD with better quality content for less than I spent. But anyways.
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    Here is a link where you can get and download the episode Flying Dupes along with the original Plunder and Lighting Telemovie.


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