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Two episodes have already almost made me cry...

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       By the way I'm a 24 year old guy!!!! 

        Even though DuckTales is one of my favorite cartoons it has neevr made me feel like crying.  TaleSpin is a different experience.  yes it has plenty of adventure and comedy but it also has one thing that DuckTales doesn't capture as nearly as much.  That is emotion.  Yes DuckTales has its warm family moments but TaleSpin takes it farther than that reaching into deeper friendships and the display of deeper emotions.  One really notices this with the bond between baloo and Kit, the potential romantic bond between Baloo and Rebecca, and the mother-daughter bond between Rebecca and Molly.  Now fotr the two episodes that really tugged at my heartstrings... 

         First it was the very emotional "The Old Man and the Sea Duck".  What made me almost tear up was the ending where Baloo learns that Joe McGee had died many years ago and Baloo says he was his guardian angel.  It was very sweet and a great twist ending.  Also a very emotional farewell with Joe's face in the sky as the Sea Duck flies off into the sunset and Joe says "You're as free as a bird now the sky is your's" or something like that.  It is moments like this that make TaleSpin feel more like a big budget movie by the plot and the thought placed into the episode.  Cartoons today don't come close to matching the emotion and power that TaleSpin had!

        Second it was "Her Chance to Dream" in which the ghost of Captain William Stansbury is awakened in the shipwreck below Louie"s.  The relationship between Rebecca and the captain is very sweet.  Indeed he was such a gentleman who loved Rebecca with all his heart regardless of only knowing her for a short time.  This leads to the very sad conclusion where the captain's ghost is painfully sent away in his flying ghost ship by the magic spell finished by Rebecca.  The part where the captain says "I'll wait for you" is realy sad and heartwarming at the same time.      

         These are two of the strongest episodes of the series due to plot and especially emotion!!!!  It was episodes such as this that made me wish that TaleSpin lasted a lot longer than it did!!!  Has anybody else ever cried or came close to it while watching one of the episodes???     

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    I agree with you, talespin did deal a lot with those types of scenarios, altough they didn't make me cry, they were well done.
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    Talespin did have a lot of well thought out storylines.
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    I always wished that TaleSpin had done more episode focusing on Kit and what happened to his parents. I'm sure there's a sad story in there, and I'd love to see it. Disney used to do great drama, as opposed to the drivel of these days.
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    I loved The Old Man and the Sea Duck and when I was a kid it mad me cry, that old guy was a good teacher

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    pisodesAww yes The Old Man An The Sea Duck that was one of my Favorite Episodes an it was very Emotional and made me Cry more than once. I believe it was do to my own Trails to get back on my feet again at the time had A lot to do with it meaning so much to me. The Other ones that made me cry was My Fair Baloo when Baloo is Rejected by the snobs at Rebecca's Bussiness party. An then after Baloo runs off an the people say Baloo is A Loser or something like that,Rebecaa stands up for baloo and tells off all those rich stuck ups. An goes out to fine Baloo and when see does she is almost bite by A snake and Baloo saves her.

    Rebecca says that the People need Help and he's there only hope. Baloo says why should I risk my life to save those rich snobs and Rebecca tells Baloo because your Better than them it was so moving to me. But hey I Cried on Bearlly Alive! and Your Baloo's in the Mail and other ones,Im just that way im brought to Tears by Any kind of Emtion or Love shown in Classic cartoons easily.

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