Season 1 Episode 2

From Here to Machinery

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Sep 10, 1990 on



  • Trivia

    • Prior to Talespin, voice actors Ed Gilbert and R.J. Williams starred as father and son in the NBC cartoon Kissyfur. In another odd coincidence, both actors were cast as bears.

    • Don Karnage's massive airship, the Iron Vulture was originally going to be called the Sky Shark. It also had a much more fishlike appearance in the early concept art.

    • Kit Cloudkicker's first name is leftover from an unproduced Disney TVA series called Metro Mice which starred two mice detective: Colt Chedderson and Kit Colby. Metro Mice eventually evolved into Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.

    • The series was partially based on a defunct aspect of the DuckTales series; namely, that Launchpad McQuack was originally conceived as the operator of an air cargo service. Though finding his way into Darkwing Duck, McQuack was never slated for the Tale Spin.

    • To perfect his rendition of Baloo's voice, Ed Gilbert studied recordings of Phil Harris and practiced for many hours until he had it just right.

    • Phil Harris, who voiced Baloo in the original Jungle Book, was to have reprised his role for TaleSpin. After only one recording session, however, it was found that he had aged too much and could no longer do the voice correctly.

    • After baloo gains control of Khan's plane, He pulls the throttles all the way back, which in real life would cause the plane to stall and lose altitude, yet he just cruises along for a while. or at least long enough for the pirates to make some comments, before the plane does dive.

  • Quotes

    • Baloo: Why do you guys even hang out with a loser like me?
      Kit: Come on, we like being with ya! You're our buddy! You're the best!
      Wildcat: Besides, we've got nothing else to do!

    • Torque: Unlike ordinary pilots, the Auto-Aviator never deviates from its flight plan. It is the ultimate pilot!
      Auto-Aviator: Ultimate pilot.
      Torque: Its efficient.
      Auto-Aviator: Efficient.
      Torque: Obedient.
      Auto-Aviator: Obedient.
      Baloo: Stoopid!
      Auto-Aviator: Stoopid.

    • Judge: Alright, here are the rules. You fly to Tundra City, pick up the cargo and return to Cape Suzette. Round trip, around forty hours. Any questions?
      Baloo: Yeah, why don't you start sewing my name on the winner's sash. That's "Baloo", with two "oo"s!

    • Baloo: That overgrown blender's gonna fly my airplane?
      Rebecca: No, that overgrown blender is gonna fly MY airplane!

    • Karnage: 'Allo robot person? It is I, the spectaculous Don Karnage. My blood thirsty horde and I are on an intercept course with you. We will be shooting you and looting you in precisely, ten minutes.

    • Karnage: Ick. That ugly robot looks like Baloo.
      MadDog: Funny, it also flies like Baloo.

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