Season 1 Episode 6

I Only Have Ice for You

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Sep 14, 1990 on

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  • Great Episode!!

    Baloo has hidden red rubies in strawberry jam so Don Karnage can't find them, blowing the whole scheme over the radio when the Sea Duck is back in the air. With the air pirates in hot pursuit, Baloo requests permission to land from Cape Suzette Air Control, but is refused due to heavy traffic. Baloo is forced to take evasive action and decides to land the Sea Duck anyway, but this little stunt leads to the suspension of his pilot's licence.
    A desert Prince longing for some snow gets Higher for Hire to transport an iceberg from the frozen North. With Baloo grounded, Rebecca decides she will learn to fly using a provisional licence and her book, "How to Fly in Three Easy Lessons", but things turn out to be a lot harder than she first anticipated and another brush with the air pirates soon sees them captured along with their iceberg.
    Not wanting to be fooled again, Karnage insists the iceberg must be full of diamonds and instructs the air pirates to chop the frozen block to pieces. Meanwhile, Baloo manages to release the Iron Vulture's bomb-bay doors and they escape in the Sea Duck.
    Having lost their iceberg, Rebecca decides she had better give Prince Neverbeenbroke his money back, but on their arrival, they are surprised to find the whole kingdom covered in snow. It would seem their cargo managed to deliver itself and the Prince is more than pleased to finally get some fun in the snow.