Season 1 Episode 6

I Only Have Ice for You

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Sep 14, 1990 on



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    • Karnage: I will ask the prisoners. No... I will boil them in vinegar first. Vinegar, and maybe some salt... THEN I will ask them!

    • Karnage: 100 tonnes of ice? Why would anyone want 100 tonnes of ice?!
      (Gibber whispers in his ear)
      Karnage: Perhaps... But where would they get a straw big enough.

    • Karnage: I do NOT want any of your stinking jam!

    • Rebecca: Give him the rubies, Baloo, before he gets angry.
      Karnage: Yes, Baloo, before he gets angry!

    • Rebecca: Course you still don't have a license, Baloo, not for another week. I'll have to fly the runs til then.
      Baloo: What?! You're crazy! Gimme my cap back!
      Kit: Can I fly? Can I??
      Baloo and Rebecca: No!

    • Baloo: This things jammed, I can't fly!
      Rebecca: I can...
      Baloo: You!?
      Rebecca: If you tell me how. I'll listen!
      Baloo: Then strap in sweetheart.
      Rebecca: Now, which one is the starter button?

    • Baloo: What's this red button do?
      Maddog: Oh, that's the bomb bay door release.
      Baloo: Thank you!

    • Rebecca: I can't believe they chopped up the WHOLE thing! The prince will nev-

    • Karnage: Uno momento... Those are no pirates. Those are the prisoners!

    • Baloo: Now, let's put this thing to some good use. (He tosses the book to Kit who jumps onto Baloo's shoulders and sticks his head out of the prison doors window.)
      Kit: Mr. Guard, your shoelace is untied.

    • Rebecca: We need heee-eeellp! (Whimpering) Baloo, you've got to help us!
      Baloo: Woah there, boss lady! Since when does Miss "I have a license and you don't" listen to me?
      Rebecca: But Baloo, we're trapped! There's no hope!
      Baloo: I can't hear you!
      Rebecca: Baloo I admit it! Just because I'm your boss doesn't mean I know how to do you're job! That book did get me into trouble. I shouldn't have listened to it. I...I should have listened to you.
      Baloo: Well, now you're talkin', Becky. Be glad to lend a hand. As long as you listen.

    • Karnage: You're cargo! Most, most interesting! Let me see - last time, you hid red rubies in red strawberry jam. This time, you have a clear iceburg. What could you possibly be hiding in something clear?
      (Gibber mutters something in his ear)
      Karnage: No, not glass. DIAMONDS!
      Kit: What's he talking about Baloo?
      Baloo: Beats me!

    • Karnage: What do you mean the iceburg is too heavy?

    • Kit: I don't think you should count your pirates until they're dispatched, Baloo. We aren't safe in Cape Suzette yet!

    • Karnage: I am feeling forgiving today. But, beware the dread pirate, Don Karnage!

    • Rebecca: I have a right to know these things! Now where did you hide the rubies?!
      Karnage: Yes, yes, the rubies! Tell her so I can eavsdrop!

    • Rebecca: You're in big trouble, mister! Where are your credentials?
      Karnage: Read my lips - I am a pirate. I do not need credentials!

    • Baloo: Must be the wax in her ears, that's why she doesn't listen to me, it's gotta be the wax!

    • Baloo: Well who's gonna fly the plane now? Who's gonna fly that iceberg, huh? YOU!? You don't know your elbow from your aileron!

    • Baloo: Yoo, hoo. Air Pirates? Come on in. You sure you don't want any of this delicious strawberry jam?
      Karnage: No!
      Baloo: 'Cause that's where I hid the rubies!

    • Rebecca: A perfect takeoff, just like the book said.
      Baloo: 'Just like the book said.' One day, that lousy book'll land you into trouble, and I won't lift a finger to help you.

    • Karnage: So, what glorious things did you find in the iceberg?
      MadDog: Ohhh, we didn't find nuthin' in the iceberg, cap'n... Uh, except ice.
      Karnage: Ice? Ice??? ICE???
      MadDog: And some snow?

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