Season 1 Episode 50

In Search of Ancient Blunders

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Jan 30, 1991 on
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In Search of Ancient Blunders
Baloo and Wildcat are assigned to deliver an Egyptian tablet to Aridia. The tablet has directions on how to find the lost treasure of King Utmost, and Don Carnage is not going to let this one slip past him. When they arrive, they find the Museum of Ancient History... coming soon. It's (going to be) run by Myra who is an archaeologist for the Ministry of Culture. Baloo and Wildcat agree to help her find the location since she can't read the coordinates, but find that once they're involved, they have to survive traps, pirates, and a mummy that's protecting the treasure.moreless

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    Liz Georges

    Liz Georges

    Myra Foxworthy

    Guest Star

    Jim Cummings

    Jim Cummings

    Louie, Don Carnage, Trader Joe

    Recurring Role

    Chuck McCann

    Chuck McCann

    Dump Truck / Gibber / Mayor of Cape Suzette

    Recurring Role

    Ed Gilbert

    Ed Gilbert


    Recurring Role

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      • Karnage: Look who's dropped in for a visit.
        Myra: Put that down! It's priceless!
        (Dumptruck drops vase)
        Karnage: What are you doing, dumb-dumb?
        Dumptruck: She said it wasn't worth anything.

      • Karnage: What is happening to our posterior back-end back there?

      • Karnage: Do you think I am stupid in the head?

      • Baloo: Watch that first step - it's a lulu.

      • Karnage: The sitting duck approaches!

      • Karnage: Either the Sea Duck is late for it's own ambush, or we forgot to change our clocks to Aridian standard time.

      • Kanrnage: Bring out the great big gun that makes the loud ka-boom-boom!

      • Myra: Will you knock it off! What is your problem! It's not our fault you built the lousy pyramid upsidedown! We didn't put the curse on you! We're trying to help you! You can stomp around all day growling like an idiot, or you can give us a hand. Now look - that pirate's stealing the pyramid, are you gonna let him get away with that!?
        Mummy: (growls) No!
        Myra: Then get out there and do your thing!

      • Wildcat: Hey Baloo, what's big and round and made of black metal, and hollow in the middle?
        Baloo: (playing with the broken radio) I haven't have time for riddles, Wildcat!
        Wildcat: This is kind of important Baloo!
        Baloo: Oh, I give up, what?
        Wildcat: (pointing at the gun) That!

      • Baloo: You know, all I asked for was a couple of dancing girls and a free meal! Instead I've been jumped by pirates, chased by a crazed mummy, lost in an upsidedown pyramid and now I'm being shot at!
        Wildcat: Yeah, I'm having a great time too! Thanks for bringing me along, Baloo.

      • Baloo: Now listen here Karnage - put down that pyrimid, or else!
        Karnage: Or else what, future victim?
        Baloo: Umm (to Myra and Wildcat) anyone got any ideas?
        They shake their heads
        Baloo: (to Karnage) Let me get back to you...

      • Baloo: This way!
        Wildcat: No - this way!
        Baloo: Wildcat! Why didn't you tell us you know the way out?
        Wildcat: You didn't ask!

      • Karnage: Hehehe - nice suit! And what a fit. I tell you this- you let me take the treasure and I split it with you 50-50?
        (Thumbs down from the mummy)
        Karnage: Ok. 60-40. But that is my final offer.

      • Wildcat: What did you do to make him mad, Baloo?
        Baloo: Nothin'. He must have got up on the wrong side of the sarcofegus this morning.

      • Wildcat: Maybe they all walked on their hands?
        Baloo: Maybe they all thought like you, Wildcat.

      • Baloo: Wildcat! Where are you?
        Wildcat: (standing upsidedown on the ceiling) Down here Baloo. What are you doing upsidedown?
        Baloo: Wildcat, get down here. You can't walk on the ceiling!
        Wildcat: I can't?

      • Karnage: If the pyrimid will not come to Karnage, then Karnage will come to the pyrimid.

      • Myra: I can't believe the tablet of King Utmost was discovered at a thrift shop!
        Baloo: On sale too!

      • Karnage: I cannot wait! I must have that tablet!

      • Wildcat: "Or else you'll never work in this town again?"
        Baloo: "Nah. Cos they'll probably treat us like kings in Aridia! The red carpet treatment, dancing girls, fabulous feasts" (etc etc)

      • Myra: Put that down, it's priceless!
        (Dumptruck drops the vase, shattering it)
        Karnage: What are you doing, dum-dum?
        Dumptruck: Vell, she said it wasn't vort' anyting.

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