Season 1 Episode 3

It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Sep 11, 1990 on

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  • Kit tries to prove that he's trustworthy to Ms. Cunningham by babysitting Molly, but that's no easy task. He gets tangled up with air pirates as they try to rob the city. Not only that, the pirates have inadvertently allowed a giant squid into the city.

    Any episode which features the air pirates tends to be one of the better ones in my opinion. In addition to focusing on the four main character bears, this episode also spends some airtime on MadDog and Dumptruck, Karnage's two prime flunkies.

    Wanting to show that he's responsible, Kit offers to babysit Molly while Rebecca drags Baloo shopping. As we open on this, we see just what Rebecca's living space is like... it appears to be a deluxe penthouse. No wonder Baloo comments, "So this is where all our profits go."

    Kit's always been able to get on well with Molly. He's shown it ever since he first met her in the pilot movie 'Plunder and Lightning'. However, even he can't keep up with Molly's boundless energy and imagination. I have to admire Kit's shrewd way to placate her, though. "If I take you for ice cream now, will you take your nap as soon as we get home?" Ah, clever boy.

    Even that doesn't go according to plan. Gravity foils the simple ice cream trip. As Kit goes to pay the vendor, Molly plunks back in her wagon, inevitably sending it hurtling through heavy traffic as it races toward the docks. (This is one downside to the episode, though, as this somewhat comic attempt undermines the serious premise of Kit being a responsible babysitter. Molly by all rights should have been street pizza.)

    Meanwhile, Karnage has quite literally dropped MadDog and Dumptruck off in a submarine near the cliffs of Cape Suzette so they can sneak into the city to rob it. It's a clever enough idea, as the cliff guns are usually on the lookout for the skies, not the waters.

    MadDog and Dumptruck provide some of the better comic moments in this episode through their banter. The two air pirates do make it into the city, and in doing so, they cross paths with Kit and Molly down by the docks. Not wanting any witnesses to the fact that they are in the city, MadDog and Dumptruck try to take Molly with them, and perhaps would have grabbed Kit too if not for being awestruck from the giant squid that had followed them into the harbor. The two pirates bolt.

    When Kit hightails it back to Ms. Cunningham's penthouse, he finds that she and Baloo have already returned. Trying to explain himself, Kit finds himself cut off by Rebecca, who derogates Kit by telling him that she can't trust him.

    Trying to figure out a way to talk to Rebecca about the whole mess, Kit notices the squid climbing the waterfall toward Rebecca's place. From there, it's up to Kit to try and save Molly and Rebecca. Kit and Molly end up falling from the balcony, but Baloo's right there with the plane to save them both. ... I swear the two fall right through the roof of the Sea Duck as if it doesn't exist.

    The squid latches onto the plane, and from there Baloo tries to fly the squid out of the city so they can get rid of it. In doing so, Baloo manages to dump the squid right onto Karnage, who is just berating MadDog and Dumptruck about how they came back seemingly empty handed. The squid scuttles the plane, and the three pirates are forced to row back home on the wreckage.

    As I said, I think the best humor comes from MadDog and Dumptruck as they bear the brunt of physical comedy in this episode along with amusing exchanges as it happens. That's the episode's biggest plus. The minus comes from the little things that mess up the episode... Kit and Molly falling through the roof of the Sea Duck, Molly just sailing through busy traffic, MadDog stating he and Dumptruck were never in the Cape Suzette Harbor before when they were in 'Plunder and Lightning'. But if you overlook the small things that don't quite make sense and just sit back to enjoy the episode, I think it's one of the better ones by far.
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