Season 1 Episode 3

It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Sep 11, 1990 on

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  • Great!!

    Despite Baloo's misgivings, he is forced to go shopping with Rebecca so Kit can babysit Molly for the first time. Kit is determined to prove he is responsible, but quickly discovers Molly can be quite a handful and ends up chasing her across town. Meanwhile, the Air Pirates deploy a submarine in an attempt to enter Cape Suzette undetected. Once Mad Dog and Dumptruck have cut through the city's huge underwater defence net however, they inadvertently allow a giant squid to enter the bay. Kit and Molly finally return home but Rebecca is less than pleased that her daughter was put at risk and throws Kit out. When the giant squid tries to kidnap Molly, Kit gets the chance to redeem himself and manages to rescue her with the help of Baloo and the Sea Duck. After the squid is returned to the ocean and the pirates escape with nothing more than a kitchen sink, Rebecca acknowledges Kit's bravery and apologises to him.
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