Season 1 Episode 49

Jumping the Guns

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Jan 21, 1991 on
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Jumping the Guns
Don Carnage is sick of many a failing attempt to get into Cape Suzette. When he watches Baloo deliver lunch to the guards, he comes up with the idea of stealing The Sea Duck to infiltrate their defenses. When Louie and Baloo get wise to their plan, they only have the time it takes the Iron Vulture to get from Pirate Island to Cape Suzette to re-arm the cliff guns.moreless

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    Jim Cummings

    Jim Cummings

    Louie, Don Carnage, Trader Joe

    Recurring Role

    Chuck McCann

    Chuck McCann

    Dump Truck / Gibber / Mayor of Cape Suzette

    Recurring Role

    Ed Gilbert

    Ed Gilbert


    Recurring Role

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      • Dumptruck: Hey, I'm embarrassed.
        Unnamed pirate: And I'm chilly.
        Dumptruck: Can ve put our coats on, captain?
        Don Karnage: What?! And ruin a perfect cover? I am in disguise; you are in disguise; the Iron Vulture is in disguise! Life is beautiful! Within moments, my love boat will sail right under those Cape Suzette guns. See how convincing you are, ladies? You have brought the attention of a handsome young sailor.
        (The sailor in question is communicating with them in Semaphore.)
        Unnamed pirate: Uh, maybe he's trying to tell us something, captain.
        Don Karnage: Nonsense! What could he possibly be trying to tell us?
        (The Iron Vulture crashes into a rock, causing its yacht disguise to fall apart. The gunners open fire.)
        Don Karnage: Uh-oh... Retreat!
        Dumptruck: Now can we put our coats on, captain?

      • (On disguising the Iron Vulture as a raincloud)
        Don Karnage: Not only am I a genius, but I am very very smart too.

      • Don Karnage: Ha-ha! Those Cape Suzette gunners can only shoot what they can see. But they will not spot us until it is too late.
        (His men paint the Iron Vulture as blue as the sky.)
        Don Karnage: (cont.) ...for we are the color of... invisible! Today, Cape Suzette... tomorrow, the world!
        (Thunder strikes, and the following rainstorm washes off the paint. The gunners open fire.)
        Don Karnage: Retreat!

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