Season 1 Episode 29

Last Horizons

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Nov 01, 1990 on

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  • Classic!!

    Baloo is pouting that he's never had a parade in his honor. When asked what he's ever done to earn a parade, Baloo remembers his journey to find Panda-la, city beyond the last horizon. No one believes him and Baloo becomes determined to find it and earn his parade. After weeks of searching, Baloo gives up. But before he can turn back for home he's caught in a wirlwind and grounded. He starts searching for help and finds a large, beautiful city. It's Panda-la, and the natives honor him upon his arrival. They fix his plane and give him gifts for his return home. When Baloo arrives back at Cape Suzette, he's greeted by everyone and a celebration is underway. But the festivities barely get planned when the entire city of Panda-la is upon them: in the air. With enough fire-power to down Cape Suzette's entire army and defenses, it's up to Baloo to save the day.