Season 1 Episode 63

Paradise Lost

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Feb 25, 1991 on

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  • One of my Favorites!!

    In this episode, Baloo is asked by a man named O'Rourke to fly him into the Mogavi desert. When Baloo questions what's out there, he tells them a tale of a lost paradise, where dinosaurs roam and long lost vegitation grows. It only appears once every 100 years, when at the break of dawn, a door opens. From that flows ancient waters deep from within the Earth. When it touches the sands of the Mogavi desert, it turns into the lost paradise. O'Rourke wants to open a tourist attraction there, and he's cutting Baloo in on the profits. All he has to do is fly him to the spot and blow open the door perminately. But when O'Rourke starts showing a darker side on their journey, Baloo begins to reconcider the deal.