Season 1 Episode 35

Plunder and Lightning (1)

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Nov 19, 1990 on

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  • In this so called Saga we learn of Baloo/Rebecca/Wildcat/Kit's past.

    This was in one word... SPECTACULAR. It had many interesting plots and it was just straight-up good television. It reminded me of the Dark Phoenix Saga from X-men. Just outright magnificent. The characters and their histories truly were revealed after this installment in the TaleSpin series. I think I mostly liked it because it was in 4 parts. It was one of those keeps you watching sagas just like the Dark Phoenix. It had real story behind it and ways to solve it. This whole plot was amazing. I thought this was one of the best TaleSpin episodes ever. But that doesn't include the one where Baloo gets amnesia. This was one of the true greats of the disney cartoon archives and if you ever get the opportunity to watch it I strongly, ever so strongly recommend it to you. Thank you.