Season 1 Episode 1

Plunder and Lightning

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Sep 07, 1990 on

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  • One of the Best!!

    n this two-hour pilot, we're introduced to our cast. Don Carnage, pirate of the air, has just stolen a special jewel. When he and his men gather around to admire it, it's snatched up by Kit Cloudkicker who makes a daring escape from the Iron Vulture. Kit then hitches a ride to Louie's, where ace pilot Baloo is partying. When he starts back to Cape Suzette in his plane 'The Sea Duck,' Kit sneaks on. When Baloo finds out, he allows Kit to come back with him since he has no place to go. Once back at home, Baloo shows Kit his courier business. But soon after, it and the Sea Duck are soon repossessed and given to Rebecca Cunningham. Wanting to get his business and plane back, Baloo starts searching for fast money making plans. When Kit tells Baloo about the jewel he stole from the pirates, they decide to cash it in. But there's a larger story behind the jewel including it's worth in general, it's worth the Shere Khan, and it's worth the the entire city of Cape Suzette.
  • By far the best episode of the series.

    This pilot episode was just so epic to watch.

    It had everything.

    A well written plot, solid introductions to new characters being brought in, Don Karnage at his best as a villain and an epic climax.

    You just don't see masterpieces like these in kid's cartoons anymore.
  • About this TV film

    It was great animated program. It had great story line.
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