Season 1 Episode 1

Plunder and Lightning

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Sep 07, 1990 on

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  • About this TV film

    It was great animated program. It had great story line.
  • By far the best episode of the series.

    This pilot episode was just so epic to watch.

    It had everything. A well written plot, solid introductions to new characters being brought in, Don Karnage at his best as a villain and an epic climax.

    Be as that may, this pilot like the Rescue Rangers one did not come without a plot hole or two.

    #1: Karnage infiltrating Cape Suzette by canal boat. Yea, this should not have worked in the slightest. I know he disguised himself and his pirate comrades, but it was not even close to being believable. Even if you could make the argument it was too dark to get a good look at them, it doesn't change the fact Karnage did not even attempt to disguise his voice. I mean, his voice is not exactly that hard to recognize.

    That and it brings up another issue. How in the world did he kidnap Rebecca and Molly without anyone seeing him? By then, it was daylight, so unless he used a submarine, he would have been caught easily when trying to head back to the Iron Vulture. Seriously, why didn't they just have him use a submarine? It would have easily explained how he got in and out without much difficulty.

    #2: Baloo and Rebecca being oblivious to Kit pretending to rejoin the Air Pirates/Baloo taking off with the SeaDuck.

    Yea, this is one I have to combine because the first scene caused the second. Ok, where do I begin with this one? While I admit Kit's act was solid to make Karnage believe he used Baloo, I still can't help but feel this whole setup was a bit contrived.

    First off, how is it Rebecca didn't even see what Kit was really doing? You could MAYBE excuse Baloo being dense about it due to being a moron, but he removed their chains right in front of them. That should have been at least tipped her off he was only doing this to save them. Seriously, why is it Rebecca never once brought that up during their argument over him? Isn't she supposed to be the smart one?

    I guess the episode had to have its sad moment of the main cast splitting up Yea, while it is a bit sad, I can't really feel it that much when all it would have taken is possibly one or two lines of dialogue from Rebecca to show Baloo that if Kit really had betrayed him, he wouldn't have removed their chains. How is Kit saying over the radio he's Baloo navigator any stronger to prove he never betrayed him?

    And that brings up my next problem with this scene: Baloo took off with a plane that wasn't legally his. He may have the deed, but it was still in Rebecca's name. That and that little bag of gold he gave her as payment isn't even close to the $50,000 she was asking for him to get his plane back. Maybe even if it was a much larger bag, I could have bought it, but not this. Also, that would mean Baloo basically used stolen plunder he got from the Air Pirates to get his SeaDuck back. Yea... that really does not sit well with me the more I think about it.

    But back to the first issue, I'm surprised Rebecca didn't fight Baloo more on this. Guess she felt sorry for him I suppose. But yea, legally speaking, she could have had him arrested for theft.

    #3: Baloo's overdrive on the SeaDuck. While a cool device no doubt, it does sadly feel like just a convienent plot device when it's all said and done, just there to help Baloo get out of a pickle when necessary. Plus, even after he burned it out, his plane didn't exactly suffer that much. Just needed some minor repairs when he came back to Higher for Hire.

    #4: Khan's pilots give up way too easily.

    Yes, I know Karnage fried 3 of their planes, but they appeared to have dozens in reserve. Why didn't they all just gang up on the Iron Vulture at once like they did after the lightning gun was kaput? I doubt they could have fought them all off at once. And yes, I know Baloo and the gang are supposed to save the day, but I couldn't help but feel Khan's pilots were as useless as the cops from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers in their pilot episode. They didn't even put a dent in Karnage's operation until the Air Pirates secret weapon was kaput. Aren't they supposed to be some of the best pilots?

    Seriously, where did they all go? It's like they all ran away like cowards after 3 planes were barbecued.

    Because of these issues, I can't give this a 9 out of 10 anymore. Those issues are just a bit too glaring. So, I'm going to have to drop it to a 8. Anyway, don't get me wrong, I still love this pilot and the things they did do right, they did exceptionally well. I just can't help but wonder why they let some of these things go.

    This pilot could have easily been a perfect 10 or even a 9.5 had they gotten rid at least half of them. That or at least put more thought into them.

    Oh well, what's done is done I suppose. All and all, it's still one of the better pilots to introduce a new cast of characters. I wish more new shows today would take notes of this one.

  • One of the Best!!

    n this two-hour pilot, we're introduced to our cast. Don Carnage, pirate of the air, has just stolen a special jewel. When he and his men gather around to admire it, it's snatched up by Kit Cloudkicker who makes a daring escape from the Iron Vulture. Kit then hitches a ride to Louie's, where ace pilot Baloo is partying. When he starts back to Cape Suzette in his plane 'The Sea Duck,' Kit sneaks on. When Baloo finds out, he allows Kit to come back with him since he has no place to go. Once back at home, Baloo shows Kit his courier business. But soon after, it and the Sea Duck are soon repossessed and given to Rebecca Cunningham. Wanting to get his business and plane back, Baloo starts searching for fast money making plans. When Kit tells Baloo about the jewel he stole from the pirates, they decide to cash it in. But there's a larger story behind the jewel including it's worth in general, it's worth the Shere Khan, and it's worth the the entire city of Cape Suzette.