Season 1 Episode 1

Plunder and Lightning

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Sep 07, 1990 on



  • Trivia

    • Don Karnage says to Kit: "well, my reckless reptile". Kit's not even a reptile, he's a mammal.

    • Don Karnage spares the pilot and co-pilot of the second cargo plane he plunders, so that they (the pilots) can report back to Shere Khan and tell him what Karnage stole, as Karnage wants Khan to worry. However, the pilots apparently did report back to Khan, since Khan doesn't seem to know that anything is amiss until Dr. Debolt tells him about the Lightning Gun.

    • When Baloo tells Kit they won't be going back to Louie's for a few weeks there's a knock at the door. As Baloo goes to answer it Kit says, "But I have to go NOW!" but if you look you can see his mouth doesn't move at all.

    • What was Dr. Debolt doing in Khan's office when Baloo, Rebecca, and Molly are brought in? Khan had already explained the stone to Baloo earlier, and he couldn't have known Rebecca would be there (as the limo driver was sent to get Baloo and Baloo only and grabbed Rebecca and Molly simply because they were there). It seems awfully convenient that Debolt was on hand to explain the nature of the stone.

    • When Dumptruck and Gibber charge up the stairs in Louie's, you can clearly hear more than two people shouting (and Gibber shouldn't even be shouting at all!).

    • If the stone is so important, why does Khan have it being transported under such lax security and with only one guy to guard it? For that matter, where exactly was the stone being flown to/from?

    • Baloo knocks out the pirate guarding Rebecca and Molly, but later he's among the pirates when Don Karnage unveils the Lightning Gun. Why didn't he, like, tell anybody the prisoners had got away?

  • Quotes

    • Baloo: Wildcat, meet Rebecca Cunningham, our new boss.
      Wildcat: Really? You smell pretty good for a boss!
      Rebecca: Thanks...

    • (Shere Khan's carnivorous plants prepare to eat his "yes-man")
      Khan: I've discovered that business is like a jungle. There are the eaters... and there are the eatens.
      (Khan rescues his terrified yes-man from the plants)
      Khan: Find those pirates.
      Yes-Man: Yes, sir!

    • (Kit steals the Stone from Don Karnage)
      Kit: For me? Aw, you shouldn'ta!
      Karnage: Well, it was nothing really-- STOP THAT BOY!!!

    • (Baloo ransoms the Stone to Shere Khan)
      Baloo: What might it be worth to ya?
      Khan: Well, Mr. Baloon--
      Baloo: That's Baloo.
      Khan: Yes. That "stone," as you call it, is an electrical alloy developed by my scientists. What would you say to... a hundred?
      Baloo: A hundred lousy bucks?!
      : A hundred THOUSAND lousy bucks.
      Baloo: A hundred thousand?!
      Kit: Dollars?!

    • (The nature of the Stone is explained by Dr. Debolt)
      Debolt: The Stone is actually a Sub-Electron Amplifier, which means it can create unlimited amounts of electricity - Enough to run all of Mr. Khan's businesses. But, we were only able to create one stone, and it--
      (Shere Khan suddenly grabs Debolt by the neck)
      Khan: Thank you, Doctor.

    • Dumptruck: About Cape Suzette Uh, are we going to rob it?
      Karnage: No, we are going to PLUNDER it.
      Dumptruck: Wait, aren't we robbers?
      Karnage: No, we are pirates! Pirates, pirates, pirates! How many times do I have to tell you?!

    • Karnage: Allow me to introduce myself. A man who needs *no* introduction. I am Don Karnage!
      Rebecca: Don Karnage?!
      Karnage: For years I have tried to visit your fair city, BUT YOU HAVE ALWAYS SHOOTED AT ME!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Molly: See ya later, navigator!

      This is a reference to the song See You Later, Alligator, by Bill Haley and his Comets.

    • The Flesh Eaters:

      Near the beginning, the pilot of a chartered sea plane who wears a flying cap lies to the bossy female ground radio operator when she insists that he returns to base, saying that he has to get a woman to her destination because of a rare blood type infusion in a cocky sort of way, while holding a hand over her mouth to keep her from refuting the story, after which the radio operator mentions it is more likely a money infusion he is after, and then mentions her feelings for him after she logs off. This is very similar to the relationship between the bossy Rebecca Cunningham, owner of the sea plane and base, and Baloo, the cocky pilot who always wears his flight cap, and their secret feelings for each other that grow over time through the series.