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  • The best Disney Cartoon of the early 90's

    Tale Spin was one of the best animated shows Disney produced in the early nineties and still is better then the animated stuff out there that Toon Disney puts on the air right now.

    Prehaps the most well known Jungle Book spin off, the show had Baloo the bear as a care free, fun loving cargo pilot.
    Louie the orangatan as a night club owner
    And Shere Khan the Tiger as a business mogul so shrewd that he made Donald Trump look pleasent I wonder sometimes if the Donald got his ideas from Shere Khan.

    It also introduced us to some new main Characters.

    Colonel Spigot head of the Thembrian Air Force, Spigot was short and suffered from a Napoleon Complex.

    Trader Moe the pygmy crocodile gangster

    Rebecca Cunningham as a small time business woman and Baloo's boss.

    Wildcat the Mechanic, despite having a small mind Wildcat was a master Mechanic.

    Saving the best for last: Don Karnage the dreaded airpirate of the seven skies.
    Karnage and his gang of pirates often pursued Baloo. They traveled in a big airship known as the Iron Vulture, with his phony accent and dry wit Karnage was the most entertaining villian on the show and prehaps in Disney cartoon history.
    I was one of the few who liked Karnage to the point that when I got my first car {an 83 AMC Eagle} I named it The Iron Vulture

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