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  • i never saw on disneychannel and i saw it on dvd this year

    i never had a time to watch this show because it comes on different time and same with ducktales and others shows i watch only 3 shows only aladdin and timon and goof troop and then school starts and i miss like 10 good shows and when i come home is teen night no more cartoon and then i did not had toon disney till know and now tonndisney suck so bad it not toondisney is jetix now jetix need to be gone or something disney need to stop buying fox shows and i saw talespin on dvd and i said how come i miss it on tv and or did not watch on toondisney at all and i had toondisney but the good shows comes on like 11pm to 6am i miss it all i saw bonkers and others shows and now jetix is getting big and big it on like 24 hours and toondisney is 6 hours or something or less hours