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  • Like the big manly bear it stars, Talespin is a strong, powerful show with a unique premise that has been copied time and time again since.

    A beautiful hairy, cuddly, old bear lives the experience of loss of power in this moving cartoon from the mastermen at Dinsey animation.

    It’s been said that you never forget your first time. I'll never forget TaleSpin. Through beautifully composed images and frank, candid dialogue, TaleSpin explores the truth behind the idea of commercialism and pilotting the blue skies for profit.

    Old Baloo and beautiful young Disney animals share the exhilaration, vulnerability, and untainted excitement of what makes the journey from innocence to experience in the business world so utterly unforgettable. Discover the secrets of the jungle folk as they speak freely about their individual experiences and see how lessons learned help to shape their future identity. In an informative narrative, a single mother and her lonely child offer their own unique perspectives on the issues facing a small jungle community including safer flying and growing up with no worries. Once you’ve experienced the compelling stories from this toon, you will indeed find them impossible to forget.