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  • Another solid show during the 90's. This was a show that was epic, exciting and very creative.

    Talespin is one of the best shows Disney ever did.

    Why? Because it had everything you could want, a solid cast of characters, epic music, and adventure.

    The only thing this show seemed to lack was a larger cast of villains.

    For the most part, Don Karnage was the only solid top notch villain of this show. Not saying that's a bad thing, but I'd like to see Baloo tangle with more foes than just one off's that weren't more versatile. As for the supporting cast, well, they speak for themselves.

    Rebecca Cunningham was the best gal in the show hands down. She was smart, tough and a true buisness person. But the thing I loved most about her was the way she would yell at Baloo and argue with him. It was just downright hysterical. Too bad they didn't have an episode with Baloo and her getting married. Kit Cloudkicker was another I liked. He was the kid who had a bad situation in his life, but made the most of it. Even Wildcat was funny from time to time. The fact he was a brilliant mechanic, yet very stupid in another areas was interesting. Finally, I loved the one off gals they brought in during Baloo's travels. Females such as Katie Dodd, Clementime, Myra and Princess Lotta Lamour deserved more episodes instead of one offs and cameos.

    All in all, this show was a big hit. It wasn't the best show ever, but it was really well done. Thumbs up Disney!