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  • TaleSpin is a real animated masterpiece - Disney truely outdid itself with this one

    In my humble opinion, cartoons today just don't compare to the great shows aired by Disney in the early 90's. TaleSpin, in particular, is the one which really stands out the most for me. I've never before seen a cartoon that includes all the aspects of a great show - drama, comedy, a great cast of characters, a compelling soundtrack and clever story lines too boot!

    It's a show that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike - there's the typical child entertainment value, plus those occasional jokes a person needs to be a little bit older to understand :)

    I think what truely makes this series spectuacular are the characters. Unlike so many slapstick, stupid comedy cartoons (I could name a few names here, but I won't ^-^) these characters are all so different from each other, and portray actual feelings and emotions which viewers can relate too.

    'Plunder and Lightning', the (uncut) pilot movie, is by far the greatest pilot episode in comparison to other shows. Unfortunatly, it was only ever aired once and all future airing were in the form of 4 part episodes which suffered many cuts and edits. However, at the time, it was nominated for an emmy and then WON it! Surely that make's it worthy of a DVD release?!
    Hopefully, in the near future :)
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