Season 1 Episode 58

Stuck on You

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Feb 12, 1991 on

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  • One of my Top 3 favorite episodes

    I personally can't help but like this episode alot. It's just that funny and entertaining to watch. Granted, it's not without its problems.

    #1:while Karnage finally outsmarting the cliff guns was good, what's stopping them from using Khan's pilots to blast them out of the sky? As we saw in the past, Khan had them attack when the cliff guns failed, so why not now?

    #2: Karnage wanting to enter Cape Suzette in "dramatic fashion" on a hot air balloon made zero sense. Why would he risk being shot down so easily? He could have easily flown his plane in and had the same effect. Actually, the more I think about it, this whole plot wouldn't have worked had he not done that. Yea, that's a contrived plot if I ever heard it.

    #3: Nearly everyone Baloo and Karnage interact with when stuck together act like complete morons and accepted whatever they told them for why they were like that. Heck, the air pirates acted more suspicious of this than even Rebecca Cunningham, and she's supposed to be the smart one. Yes, I know she took away his keys and wouldn't let him go anywhere until he explained himself, but still... she believed his story for the most part, only thinking he's gone crazy. And what made it more stupid was the fact she clearly heard Karnage's voice when they were in the closet. You'd think she would have demanded Baloo fess up after that.

    So yea, this episode should have bombed the more I look at it. However, what saves it is the comedy gold between Baloo and Karnage. Their interactions and bickering when stuck together was friggin hilarious. By far some of the best dialogue for both characters.

    And what also made it good is the fact Karnage showed here he wasn't just a bloodthirsty pirate. He did have a sense of nobility to him when he saved Baloo not once, but twice when he could have easily done the opposite.

    So, all things considered, I have to give this episode at least a 7 out of 10. Its plot may have been glaringly flawed, but it's still a pleasure to watch.