Season 1 Episode 24

The Balooest of the Blue Bloods

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Oct 15, 1990 on

Episode Recap

When Baloo learns he's the heir to the Von Bruinwald estate, he quits his job and goes to live in luxury. Once there, he's told of the Von Bruinwald curse and has several close calls. Frightened, he asks Rebecca and Wildcat to come visit. When they do, Rebecca learns that the butler and cook are actually trying to bump Baloo off just like his ancestors so that they can inherit the Von Bruinwald estate. With Rebecca's help Baloo manages to alert the authorities, who arrest the cook and butler. Thinking that now he can enjoy his wealth, Baloo learns that there is a type of curse on the estate... many years of back taxes, which actually leave Baloo owing $1.89.

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