Season 1 Episode 24

The Balooest of the Blue Bloods

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Oct 15, 1990 on

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  • Very Good Episode

    In this episodes, Baloo is told he's the long-lost 13th Baron of Bruinwald. He's then taken to his Chateau and introduced to his staff: a butler and a cook. However, ever since his arrival there seems to be multiple attempts on his life. Turns out there's a Bruinwald Family Curse which makes it's members expire under peculiar circumstances. So Baloo calls for the help of Becky and Wildcat. At first Becky doesn't believe Baloo until she sees it for herself so with the help of Becky and Wildcat, Balooltries to surive the wrath of the two servets can he do it.