Season 1 Episode 32

The Old Man and the Sea Duck

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Nov 08, 1990 on

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  • Baloo gets amnesia after being in a crash between two close mountains. He wakes up and doesn't know how to fly. An old man, a pilot teaches him again and it turns out the old man was really dead. Baloo keeps these memories forever.

    Grasping. This episode pulls you in and never lets go. No doubt this is my favorite TaleSpin episode ever. There is an outstanding plot. Great depth of thought and it is very much a gets right to the point type of show. I thought the whole scenery of the show was great, too. Baloo really starts to find himself in this episode...especially after he lost his memory. The plot was the best part. This is the reason I used to watch TaleSpin. It was the dramatic yet comical part of Disney Afternoon. In the plot Baloo struggles to get back to pilotting. An old man helps him learn and he finds out that this isn't just any old man. This man was the best pilot there ever was. He got so many awards and newspaper clippings. The plot was great because the man teaches Baloo to hold on to what is dear to him and it's pretty much a tale of a bear who can't get back to who he used to be. I know this is just a simple Disney cartoon but it is held very close to my heart. I don't know exactly why this episode is so great but I guess it's because of the end. When Baloo finds out that the man died many years ago, he is in shock. I suppose that the message there is that Baloo not only found his pilotting ability but that he found it inside himself with all the other locked up memories that wer blockaded by his amnesia. The old man helped Baloo truly find his old self and his own knowledge. Wow that was kinda corny.