Season 1 Episode 60

The Ransom of Red Chimp

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Feb 20, 1991 on



  • Trivia

    • During this entire episode, Don Karnage's tail is drawn in the fox style, with the beige on the tip. Really, it should be wolf style with the beige on the underside.

  • Quotes

    • Karnage: You are my captive!
      Aunt Louise: Then captivate me!

    • Karnage: Hello ello Louie type person, it is I, Don Karnage, speaking to you with my voice.
      Louie: What do you want, scam man!? Run out of babies to steal candy from?
      Karnage: No no no.. I am feeling cranky today, do not upset me further! You will be interested to know, we have a certain chicken in our hen house...
      Louie: Huh?!
      Karnage: The cat in our bag?
      Louie: Cut to the chase man.
      Karnage: We have kidnapped you Aunt Louise!!!!

    • Maddog: Hey wait a minute! You're the prisioner, we're the air pirates!
      Aunt Louise: Air pirates?! With tubs like those?! (guestures toward their planes) Hahahaha! Me and the pink piranah could beat you blindfolded!

    • Maddog: Iron Vulture to base..
      Karnage: Now what is it...
      Maddog: The chicken's in the hen house!
      Karnage: What chickens!? You were supposed to kidnap a rich lady!
      Dumptruck: What we mean is - the weiners in the snitzel..
      Karnage: I am certainly very happy for you but... What are you talking about?! Do not bother me again until the cat is in the bag!! (Gibber mumbles something into the mike) Oh, the cat is in the bag! Well - hee hee - that is a tune of a different color!

    • Louie: ... A hot scoop from Scatmando. The Scatmando air race has been moved up to tomorrow. Not only that, but pilot Jaq Tojour, says he's gonna beat the ailerons off that second rate pilot Aunt Lou-... Uh, Louise Lamount! That is, unless she's chicken!

    • Louie: Baloo! You gotta help me! The whole joint's going crazy!
      Baloo: Yeah, you can say that again!
      Louie: I mean we gotta make her leave! Vamoose, bye-bye, Gone!
      Baloo: Yeah baby, solid gone!

    • Baloo: Not that it's any of your best buddies business but, what's going on?
      Louie: My Aunt Louise is coming! She-she's gonna wanna dance...
      Baloo: Sound good to me
      Louie: She's gonna wanna party...
      Baloo: Hey hey! My kinda girl!
      Louie: But the worst thing is, she's gonna call me-

    • Don Karnage: Are you not in possession of all your marbles?

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