Season 1 Episode 4

Time Waits for No Bear

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Sep 12, 1990 on

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  • Great Episode

    Baloo has to deliver a box back to Cape Suzette before dawn. Since it was only midnight, he decides that he can spend a few hours at Louie's. But panic ensues when the sun starts to rise. He decides to use the excuse that pirates attacked him. Baloo then demonstrates with the Sea Duck how he escaped, but unknowingly loses the box out the back hatch. When he returns to Higher for Hire with nothing, it costs the business $10,000. After promising Becky that he will never again stray from the schedule, he's given a new assignment. Give a tour of Cape Suzette between 11 and noon. While Wildcat is fixing the plane, he runs across the box lodged in the engine. Baloo can still get the $10,000 if it's delivered before noon. Not wanting to go back on his word, he sends Wildcat on the tour while he delivers the box. But when it becomes clear that the box holds a stolen treasure; Baloo has to return the goods, avoid Trader Moe and his goons, and get back to Hire for Higher before noon.
  • Do these guys ever get any down time? I mean, besides when Baloo decides to relax instead of get his work done?

    This episode features another doomed-to-fail plot by Baloo. He is just as oblvious as ever, failing to notice the police cars that converge on his client as he takes of from the dock. But things like that are why this episode is funny. The "goons" are just impossibly stupid. And, as always, there is the ridiculousness of Baloo's "auto pilot" on the Sea Duck. Wildcat gets is a few funny moments as well. Kit gets pulled along for the ride. Becky is angry with Baloo, as usual. Actually, it is only another "normal" day with the Higher for Hire crew.