Season 1 Episode 4

Time Waits for No Bear

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Sep 12, 1990 on



  • Trivia

    • When Wildcat is wearing Baloo's cap, it is pink. But when he returns it to Baloo at the end it is suddenly red again.

    • Trader Moe's hat, which had been shot to shreds by machine gun fire, mysteriously repairs itself by the time he and Rebecca get down to the street (although it is possible that he paused to be a new hat on the way down).

    • When Trader Moe tells his goons to go after Kit and Baloo, the goons speak with the wrong voices (the gorilla with the rhino's voice, and the rhino with the gorilla's).

  • Quotes

    • Rebecca: Everything you have to do is on the schedule. Just check off each item as you go. And while you're checking off, I'll be checking up - on you! Check?
      Baloo: Check.

    • Baloo: Ohh, we're not gonna make it! I-I'm gonna say w-we ran into a hurricane!
      Kit: Nah, you used that story last week.
      Baloo: Oh. How 'bout a volcano?
      Kit: Week before.
      Baloo: Cannibals?
      Kit: Last Tuesday!
      Baloo: Oh baby, this IS serious. I got it! We'll tell her we were attacked by AIR PIRATES!
      Kit: Oh, Baloo!! You used that one yesterday!

    • Kit: Erm, Baloo. Shouldn't we be warming up the plane or something? The client said to be ready at midnight!
      Baloo: Hey, hey lil' britches. Don't get your engines in an uproar -- deadlines are for the birds!

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