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  • Season 1 Episode 4: Time Waits for No Bear

  • Trader Moe's hat, which had been shot to shreds by machine gun fire, mysteriously repairs itself by the time he and Rebecca get down to the street (although it is possible that he paused to be a new hat on the way down).

  • When Trader Moe tells his goons to go after Kit and Baloo, the goons speak with the wrong voices (the gorilla with the rhino's voice, and the rhino with the gorilla's).

  • Season 1 Episode 3: It Came from Beneath the ...

  • Continuity error: MadDog says he and Dumptruck have never been in Cape Suzette harbor before, but in Plunder and Lightning (Part 2) they were there with Karnage.

  • Although Hacksaw was flying Don Karnage's plane, he mysteriously vanishes and is not with Karnage, Mad Dog, and Dumptruck after the plane sinks, which implies he drowned yet we see him in later episodes.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: From Here to Machinery

  • Prior to Talespin, voice actors Ed Gilbert and R.J. Williams starred as father and son in the NBC cartoon Kissyfur. In another odd coincidence, both actors were cast as bears.

  • Don Karnage's massive airship, the Iron Vulture was originally going to be called the Sky Shark. It also had a much more fishlike appearance in the early concept art.

  • Kit Cloudkicker's first name is leftover from an unproduced Disney TVA series called Metro Mice which starred two mice detective: Colt Chedderson and Kit Colby. Metro Mice eventually evolved into Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.

  • The series was partially based on a defunct aspect of the DuckTales series; namely, that Launchpad McQuack was originally conceived as the operator of an air cargo service. Though finding his way into Darkwing Duck, McQuack was never slated for the Tale Spin.

  • To perfect his rendition of Baloo's voice, Ed Gilbert studied recordings of Phil Harris and practiced for many hours until he had it just right.

  • Phil Harris, who voiced Baloo in the original Jungle Book, was to have reprised his role for TaleSpin. After only one recording session, however, it was found that he had aged too much and could no longer do the voice correctly.

  • After baloo gains control of Khan's plane, He pulls the throttles all the way back, which in real life would cause the plane to stall and lose altitude, yet he just cruises along for a while. or at least long enough for the pirates to make some comments, before the plane does dive.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Plunder and Lightning

  • Don Karnage says to Kit: "well, my reckless reptile". Kit's not even a reptile, he's a mammal.

  • Don Karnage spares the pilot and co-pilot of the second cargo plane he plunders, so that they (the pilots) can report back to Shere Khan and tell him what Karnage stole, as Karnage wants Khan to worry. However, the pilots apparently did report back to Khan, since Khan doesn't seem to know that anything is amiss until Dr. Debolt tells him about the Lightning Gun.

  • When Baloo tells Kit they won't be going back to Louie's for a few weeks there's a knock at the door. As Baloo goes to answer it Kit says, "But I have to go NOW!" but if you look you can see his mouth doesn't move at all.

  • What was Dr. Debolt doing in Khan's office when Baloo, Rebecca, and Molly are brought in? Khan had already explained the stone to Baloo earlier, and he couldn't have known Rebecca would be there (as the limo driver was sent to get Baloo and Baloo only and grabbed Rebecca and Molly simply because they were there). It seems awfully convenient that Debolt was on hand to explain the nature of the stone.

  • When Dumptruck and Gibber charge up the stairs in Louie's, you can clearly hear more than two people shouting (and Gibber shouldn't even be shouting at all!).

  • If the stone is so important, why does Khan have it being transported under such lax security and with only one guy to guard it? For that matter, where exactly was the stone being flown to/from?

  • Baloo knocks out the pirate guarding Rebecca and Molly, but later he's among the pirates when Don Karnage unveils the Lightning Gun. Why didn't he, like, tell anybody the prisoners had got away?

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