Season 1 Episode 9

Vowel Play

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Sep 19, 1990 on

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  • Fun to watch!!

    Rebecca decides to go into the sky writing business, but when Baloo manages to spell the first message wrong, she worries they won't get any repeat business. Nevertheless, a Mr. Weasel steps in and asks for the strangest of messages to be written. Rebecca warns Baloo about his spelling, but just as he begins to write, he loses the note with the message on out the window. Once again, Baloo fails to use the correct spelling, but much to everyone's surprise, Weasel returns with another peculiar message. When Baloo suggests a snazzier alternative, Weasel becomes aggravated demanding they write his message exactly. As he leaves, Weasel accidentally drops a code book which Baloo finds interesting, but is puzzled as to its purpose.
    With no major crimes being committed, Detective Thursday begins to suspect a large and organised scheme is underway, but without word from agents in the field, he wonders how the criminals are communicating until he sees his answer written in the sky. Convinced the pilot knows something, he has Baloo arrested.
    Baloo's messages are indeed part of a plot engineered by Heimleich Menuro and his sidekick Weasel, to rob Cape Suzette of its diamonds by holding the city to ransom. Knowing the Police are tapping his phone, Menuro turns to unconventional methods to get instructions out to his henchmen by attaching an instruction from a code book to the second letter of the first word of each message Baloo writes.
    After explaining he knows nothing except of Weasel and his weird messages, Thursday believes Baloo to be innocent, but uses the code book to deliberately change the next message. As a result, the order to attack becomes the order to return to base, but when Baloo loses the message out the window again, it's up to a rhyme Kit learned in school to ensure the correct spelling of "weight" saves the city.