Season 1 Episode 55

Bullethead Baloo

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A Dr. Axelottel tries to sell Khan a Mechanical Electric Laborer (MEL) robot. When Khan turns down the robot, Axelottel vows revenge on him. Meanwhile, The Jungle Aces are obsessed with Bullethead, an action comic book character. Kit says that comic book heroes are not like real heroes: pilots. When forced to use an example, he uses Baloo. But Baloo proves to be yesterday's news. Not wanting to let Kit down, Baloo borrows a rocket device from Prof. Buzz. Baloo and Buzz then setup a scheme to impress the Jungle Aces, which interferes with a kidnapping plot involving MEL. When Buzz confesses to the police that his role was part of a gag, Baloo has to prove that there still really is a threat to Khan.moreless
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teen angst, Pre-Teens, issues with authority, talking animals, for the child in you