Talk Sex With Sue Johanson

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Talk Sex With Sue Johanson

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This show is a talk show that talks about anything that has to do with sex. People call into the show and asks questions about sex, and Sue answers them. At the end of the show, Sue has a segment that shows sex toys and how to use them. This show is very educational.

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AIRED ON 4/6/2003

Season 1 : Episode 21

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  • Just look at her YouTube clip. That right there says all you need to know about her and this show.

    Have you seen the clip? She is funny, truthful, and its something that can be sorely missed in today's environment. I am so glad my grandma is not like this but I wish more people were open. Any questions I have or need answered I turn to Sue Jo and watch. She is hilarious. The new season starts soon and I can't wait but I use this clip to remind me of why I continue watching.

    True young audiences should not watch but whats to stop us older ones from watching, learning, and share a few laughs. Let the education begin!moreless
  • An interesting show.

    This was a very interesting show to say the least. It really educated people on the things that most people wont talk about with their partners. Sue Johansen is a great host for this. I really enjoy Dr Drew for relationships but Sue Johansen is so great for sex talk. This show is a great way to learn about new techniques and new toys on the market. I love the way she offers no nonsense advice to all who call her. She has a great way of helping people and getting right to the point. I really did enjoy watching this show.moreless
  • Does it matter how big a penis is if me an my wife is thinking of having a baby cos im really small not erect it is 1/4" an when erect it is 3- 1/2" inches long when erect.moreless

    What do you think i need to do to get my penis bigger if i cant get my wife pregnant 'cause my wife really wants a child from me an i dont like taking shots or anything to get it bigger cause my wife wants it to happen natural with us an not with no one else to get her pregnant what should i do to get her pregnant 'cause people say that when me an my wife do have intercourse an after intercourse since i'm small maybe she wont get pregnant with our first child an i know after we have intercourse some of the cum stays in her should we continue to have sex to move the cum farther up her tubes.moreless
  • Too Fast....

    Dear Sue. I would like to know how or what do I do to keep my fiancee hard after cumming the first time. If he cums first than me i still want to have sex i feel like i'm not done after he's finished and if i get him excited again he takes a long time to get hard and to cumm after the second try and I was wondering are there things that I can do to make it him last longer in bed.We've tried creams that are supposed to make u last longer, C'Rings but no results I mean does he have a problem or maybe is it me.May that be linked to E.Dmoreless
  • Like your grandma giving sex advice!

    I really thought that this show was hilarious when I first saw it, but I soon realized that although this little old lady was trying to inform me on sexual matters, she really knew what she was talking about. I have to give it to her; by being a little old lady she doesn't make people nervous, and with her sharp wit she is able to give good, healthy advice to an audience to is willing to listen.moreless
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