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Talk Sex With Sue Johanson

Sunday 11:00 PM on Oxygen Premiered Nov 03, 2002 In Season


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  • Does it matter how big a penis is if me an my wife is thinking of having a baby cos im really small not erect it is 1/4" an when erect it is 3- 1/2" inches long when erect.

    What do you think i need to do to get my penis bigger if i cant get my wife pregnant 'cause my wife really wants a child from me an i dont like taking shots or anything to get it bigger cause my wife wants it to happen natural with us an not with no one else to get her pregnant what should i do to get her pregnant 'cause people say that when me an my wife do have intercourse an after intercourse since i'm small maybe she wont get pregnant with our first child an i know after we have intercourse some of the cum stays in her should we continue to have sex to move the cum farther up her tubes.
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