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Talk Soup

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This show started the classic era of rub-it-in-your-face satire about 5 born-to-host comedian parodiers consisting of Greg Kinnear, John Henson, Hal Sparks and Aiesha Tyler. This show was born in 1991 poking fun at Jerry Springer and many other at TV shows and mocking the celebrity lifestyle and idiots on reality shows. This show aims at jerks, prettyboys or girly-girls, morons or drama kings or queens as well as just plain freaks and behavioral weird-outs! This show also had a sock puppet named Senor` Sock but was put to rest in a dramatic episode of Talk Soup when America's favorite sock puppet was shot by John Henson when Senor` Sock caught rabies. A moment of silence-----Spoofing-off smack-in-the-face and pure sass and smart-head comedic talent in this enjoyable exciting and treat-to-watch fun half-an-hour packed with as much juicy gossip and crack-you-up hilarity that ran from 1991 to 2002! This show was the start-up to the latest "The Soup" which is a whole other, yet incredibly funny and satirical, story. Well despite the annoyance of the hosts as said by many others, pure brilliance my friend. Pure brilliance. Ladies and gentlemen, TALK SOUP!moreless
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  • Greg Kinnear

    Greg Kinnear

    Host (1991-1995)

    Hal Sparks

    Hal Sparks

    Host (1999-2000)

    Aisha Tyler

    Aisha Tyler

    Host (2001-2002)

    John Henson

    John Henson

    Host (1995-1999)

    Jerry Springer

    Jerry Springer

    Guest Host