Talk to Me

Sunday 9:00 PM on ITV Premiered Jun 10, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • A complicated drama about a ladies man,Mitch who never stays with women long but realises he's in love with his best mates fiance.They sleep together after she argues with her fiance and they struggle to keep their feelings and secret under wraps.

    This drama is purely complicated yet understandable.There's so much going on yet it is simple to follow.Your heart goes out to Mitch who has never truly loved a girl until Claire who is engaged to his best mate Woody.Claire and Woody struggle to plan the wedding with the stress of their son.
    After the couple have a fight Claire storms off and visits Mitch and they admit their feelings and sleep together.
    Meanwhile Mitch's sister struggles to keep her marriage alive and turns to an affair with her student!Mitch's ex and Claire's best friend Anna is in a mid-life crisis and over drinks and she sleeps with any man she can find.She also is still hung up over Mitch and hates the fact he dumped her so cruelly,if she finds out about the affair she'll definitely go off the rails.To me the biggest let down is the fact it is done in 4 episodes.There is no need to draw it out over 4 weeks,if it must be 4 episodes it could at least only take 4 days!