Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation

Tuesday 7:30 PM on Network Ten Premiered May 05, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • If you like Spick and Specks this show is for you

    This is basically a general knowledge version of Spick and Specks but it's the battle of the generations. Shaun Micallef is an awesome host always making a joke and bringing a price each week from his own collection. Really this show has something for everyone and usually you would be able to answer at least one question at home. Also I love the End Game which they have to do all different things each week and how the points that the round is worth means that anyone can win but then again they may just have to reverse parallal park to win though but who knows beside the Monks who lower down the envelope when the sacred words are said.

    So basically to end this review I think that this show is awesome.
  • Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation brings together Baby Boomer Gen X and Gen Y and tests their knowledge of culture from each generation

    Well Done to Channel ten for bringing Shaun Micalef to prime time TV. This show was extremly likable from the start,a perfect way to spend your tuesday evening playing along at home with your housemates/significant other. From the catorgories whats a doodle doo to the specialized challenge at the end (be it wallpapering a wall or starting a victa lawnmower) this show has an extreme likeability factor. Team captains include Amanda Keller(Baby Boomers) Charlie Pickering (Gen X) and Josh Thomas (Gen Y) are joined each week by a different celebrity from said generations and battle it quizz style.Hugely funny to watch and play along at home and better then watching homeMADE!!!