Talking Dead

Sunday 10:00 PM on AMC Premiered Oct 16, 2011 In Season





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  • More Yvette

    Make Yvette Nicole Brown a permanent guest
  • theDirty9th

    Is the W Morgan's doing or is their someone on the sidelines "waiting for Alexandria's vulnerability while watching chaos unfold inside their walls? Also please bring Beth on the show! :p
  • Tyreese

    when i watched season 5 episode 1 of The Walking Dead and i saw Tyreese get bit my heart sank i was like no not tyreese why couldn't it have been the walker that dies not him and then when he died my heart sank more i cried and said no no no i want them to bring back tyreese and i know they won't but i i loved the the episode nice work on it.....
  • Really!

    So now there making shows about making shows. No wonder people go to Netflix. What's next? Reality shows about reality shows.
  • Unnecessary

    Unnecessary after show to a sub par tv show.
  • why cant i connect to the live thing

    keep trying to connect to the live thing to participate it the questions but wont let me - either takes me to walking daed and does not work clicking link there or it says more coming ?? this sucks - walking dead sync works just fine!
  • ttd that aired 10/12/14

    You forgot to do a memorium for the guy that Tyress beat to death. Loved Conan's commentary.
  • Useless Guests

    The woman from the Mindy Project was empty filler as a guest. She was useless and came across as vacant. Why was she even on the show? More actors/ producers,etc. from the show please, less people trying to promote their own mindlessly boring shows.
  • Love Talking Dead!

    In the future please only have guest on that add something to the viewing eexperience. Guest like that girl from Paramore are a waste of a perfectly good guest spot. (Nothing against her personally, I like the band) Also I would like to see "Carl" as a guest.

    . Marilyn Mason was a good guest. He brought up thought provoking questions. He might have come off as a little wierd, but he did add value!
  • Very Enjoyable

    I really enjoy this show, but please, please, please promise to never, never, never have Marilyn Manson on again. That was painful.
  • no go

    this show dos not ad anything to the walking dead!

    they should leave it at 20min.

    its all about the humor while the walking dead is a serios show!

    and the geust has no chance to say what they realy think most of the time.

    a better name for this show would be, ask things you know you dont get an answer for.

    or hey talking about me and how i love the walking
  • who was it

    I can't wait to see who was driving the truck that knocked down the fence with a load of zombies in it looked like a girl to me.
  • mid-season finale

    we were watching this past Sundays' show,my family and I . Hubby said that it picks up in January again, so I came out with tis not the season to be walking,fa la la la la la munch n crunch. My daughter laughed so hard she almost wet her enjoy watching the show together ,can't think Mishon will let Penny go get rid of the Gov'ner please !