Talking Telephone Numbers

ITV (ended 1997)


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Talking Telephone Numbers

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In 1994, Talking Telephone Numbers came to our screens, presented by Philip Schofield. Celebrities and special guests performed acts and found a way to create a random number. When five numbers were revealed, if they matched the last five digits of your telephone number you were invited to call in with the hope you might win something. Most of the time you didn't, mind. After the guest act, one of the lines was randomly selected and if it was you, you would have to answer three number related questions. These were always pretty easy so its surprising that many people got them wrong. They'd keep selecting lines until they either ran out of time, in which case the prize would rollover to next week, or somebody gets the questions right and then they would win £10,000. Contestants also had the power to gamble but not many did.