TALKSHOW with Spike Feresten - Season 1

FOX (ended 2009)


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  • Andy Richter
    Andy Richter
    Episode 1
    Premiere episode of Spike Feresten's new half hour comedy sketch/talk show. In this episode we see a review of previous failed talk shows on Fox, Spike gives tips on how to properly conduct "Man on the Street" interviews, and we see the inaugural clip of "Idiot Paparazzi". Also, reporter Rick Richards gives a report on finding semen in public places and comedian Andy Richter guest stars in a segment called "The Unfair Target". Also "Electric Lincoln", a tribute to pot smoking Americans everywhere.moreless
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub
    Mary Lynn Rajskub
    Episode 2
    Spike goes out into the neighborhood looking for a sidekick. The studio security guards star in their own show "Lot Cops". Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub visits, talks about 24, and then operates heavy machinery after drinking cold medicine. Musical guest "The Dapper Daniels", a barbershop quartet that sings about homo-erotic encounters.moreless
  • Michael McDonald
    Michael McDonald
    Episode 3
    Michael McDonald is shown thinking that he is hosting Saturday Night Live. Kevin Covais and Spike hang out and then sing Don't Go Breaking My Heart, with Spike singing the "Kiki Dee" part. Later, we see that the show is promoting "Red Bull" on the back fat of a writer. Michael McDonald is interviewed, however he is jacked up on "Red Bull". Later, Michael buys a back fat ad for MadTV. The show ends with Kevin Covais rapping Baby Got Back with Spike providing accompanying dance moves.moreless
  • Tom Lennon
    Tom Lennon
    Episode 4
    Tonight, "Comedy for Stoners" features a Mexican space lizard. We find out what happens when "Pluto" finds out that he is no longer a planet. Spike makes a mockery of the courtroom of "Judge Joe Brown". Tom Lennon of Reno 911 guest stars.
  • Tom Green
    Tom Green
    Episode 5
    Spike introduces a new product, "Stimurol" chewing gum, which is advertised to give "a gentleman's boner". We see a clip of how to do nerdy talk show staffer segments. Tom Green visits and chats about his internet talk show. Finally, in "Comedy for Stoners" we see "Humanimal Races".
  • Jerry Seinfeld
    Jerry Seinfeld
    Episode 6
    Jerry Seinfeld opens the show with a segment title "What's Nuts Now?". Spike battles with the nannies from Nanny 911 who are promoting their own show on the corner of the screen. Spike goes to the beach to brush up on his interviewing skills. We see a commercial for "Discriminav" a device to steer racists away from certain neighborhoods. Jerry Seinfeld is interviewed and talks about comedy, "Talk Shows" and The Bee Movie. In "Comedy for Stoners" we see "Cheeto Dogfights".moreless
  • Jason Alexander
    Jason Alexander
    Episode 7
    Jason Alexander attempts to escape from a straight-jacket within 3 minutes. We also see a return of the barbershop quartet "The Dapper Daniels", and parodies of "Maury" style DNA test results and of reality television judges. Also, "Priest in a Yellow Ferrari" and "Horrifyingly Sexy Larry King".
  • Joey Greco
    Joey Greco
    Episode 8
    David Blaine attempts to set a record by living inside a cow. Spike drives his staff to work. We see more clips of "Idiot Paparazzi". Guest star Joey Greco of Cheaters helps Spike confront his cheating "wife". We see Spike's audition tape.
  • Fred Willard
    Fred Willard
    Episode 9
    Fred Willard leads the audience in prayer. We see "NPR Morning Zoo", Rick Richards highlight reel and outtakes and Spike's new show "30 Second Trading Spaces". In "Comedy for Stoners" we see "Martin Scorsese's Exploding Squirrel".
  • Jeff Garlin
    Jeff Garlin
    Episode 10
    In a hilarious FOX cross-promotion, Spike goes on Nanny 911. More "Idiot Paparazzi". Jeff Garlin of Curb Your Enthusiasm visits. In "Comedy for Stoners" we are treated to "Extreme Hitlers".
  • Cheryl Hines
    Cheryl Hines
    Episode 11
    "The Heckler Whisperer" calms down a heckler in Spike's audience. Spike goes out to the neighborhood to find his best feature. Other skits include "Transcripts of Books on Tape" and "Cops Guy". Cheryl Hines of Curb Your Enthusiasm shotguns a beer. In Comedy for Stoners we see "Morbidly Obese Aquarium".
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    Episode 12
    Spike battles with his neighbor. Julia Louis-Dreyfus from Seinfeld and The New Adventures of Old Christine visits, and fires a t-shirt cannon. In "Comedy for Stoners" we see "Bigfoot Opera".
  • Carl Reiner
    Carl Reiner
    Episode 13
    Mark Twain heckles Spike from the studio audience. Spike meets a friend from "MySpace" and pimps his website. A return to "Idiot Paparazzi". A commercial for "Pitters" beer. Carl Reiner visits, talks about his book, and smashes a beer bottle on Spike's head. "Comedy for Stoners" features "Smooth Jazz Rectal Exams".moreless
  • Tim Meadows
    Tim Meadows
    Episode 14
    A commercial for the "Motherboard Ranch", a hotspot for computer sex addicts. More "Idiot Paparazzi". Tim Meadows visits the set. In "Comedy for Stoners" we see two cats in a Kung Fu parody.
  • Tom Arnold
    Tom Arnold
    Episode 15
    Tomorrow's headlines today. A "Trading Spouses" parody. Tom Arnold visits the set and makes apologies to various people. Musical guest "G. Love and Special Sauce" perform.
  • John C. McGinley
    John C. McGinley
    Episode 16
    John C. McGinley joins Spike. Sketches include a women's health update by medical correspondent Lauren Weedman. Spike takes the camera crew into "North Koreatown" to help a local defect to "South Koreatown". "Matthew McConnahay" visits the set. A commercial for "Girl's Fathers Gone Wild". In "Comedy for Stoners" we are treated to a "Senior Citizen Trannie Lingerie Party".moreless
  • Melinda Clarke
    Melinda Clarke
    Episode 17
    Melinda Clarke from The O.C. guest stars. Sketches include "Dr. Phil's Fan Mail", "Celebrity Space Shuttle", and an ad for "Clinica de Medico".
  • Bobby Lee
    Bobby Lee
    Episode 18
    Spike tries to appeal to other countries where his show is shown. Spike sets out to investigate how celebrity photos appear in local businesses. Bobby Lee from MadTV visits the set, and in dramatic fashion he moons the audience. In "Comedy for Stoners" we see "Horrifyingly Sexy Hannity and Colmes".
  • Seth MacFarlane
    Seth MacFarlane
    Episode 19
    Spike appears on a Korean news program. While high on ecstasy, a FOX network executive renews Spike's show for 10 more seasons. Seth MacFarlane from Family Guy visits and sings a Sinatra tune. Sketches include "The Donny Riffle Show" and "Febreze Elderly".
  • Alex Borstein
    Alex Borstein
    Episode 20
    Spike invites an audience member to do the opening monologue jokes. Spike reads "Dr. Phil's fan mail", and Spike and Joe Furey get high on crystal meth. Later, Spike interviews an actor who is a Scientologist and also reveals a new "back fat" sponsor. Alex Borstein from Family Guy visits, and talks dirty to Spike in the voice of "Lois Griffin".moreless
  • Michael Rapaport
    Michael Rapaport
    Episode 21
    Sketches include "Shoe Store Predictions" and a hilarious look into Spike's life at home. In "Unfair Target" Spike takes potshots at Morgan Freeman. A commercial for "Ye Olde Adult Video Shoppe". Michael Rapaport from The War at Home visits the set. In "Comedy for Stoners" we are treated to "Strobe Monkeys".moreless
  • Dave Foley
    Dave Foley
    Episode 22
    Season finale. Spike details how the show is gone "green". Rick Richards reports on drinking and driving. A plug for "Discount Puppies and Cats". In Comedy for Stoners we see "Fat Albert Gore". Dave Foley visits the set, dispels nasty rumors that he is gay, and gives an "Indignant Editorial" about the damage caused by "Tom and Jerry" cartoons.moreless
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