TALKSHOW with Spike Feresten

Season 1 Episode 5

Tom Green

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Oct 14, 2006 on FOX

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  • Tom Green and Spike Feresten are a perfect combo -- a match made in ... well -- not heaven ... but ... Look -- you never have clue what these guys are going to do by themselves -- let alone both working the same stage!!!

    So far, this is my favorite episode of Talkshow -- largely because Tom Green is the perfect guest for this program! True to form, Tom is in "no holds barred" mode all the way. Tom and Spike are both envelope pushers ... but ... well ... just to be clear, I do think "No Holds Barred". Oh ... hmmm ... come to think of it, I guess Envelope Pushers might have made a great alternate title for the U.K. release. But here I digress -- which is what this show does constantly, doesn't it? I mean: "digress". Oh, I don't think DIGRESS would have made a decent title in any realm, so maybe the title they have is the best one for now. Okay -- so, to get back to the important stuff, this show is completely uneven. It bombs as often as it scores (I was going to say, "It bombs as often as it kills" but that just didn't sound right). Now, see -- I just censored myself. This is something that neither Spike nor Tom do at all, which is why they are a great pairing on TV. To sum up, you can't really be too analytical when you are talking about this show -- it's in the moment -- and it's raw -- and it's unpredictable. It's well worth sitting through a few clunker bits and a few that just obliterate the boundaries of good taste to get that feeling of unpredictability that SNL once had when it first hit the air. On top of that, Spike has one of the great comedy minds of our time and the other writers are right up there. Incidentally, since this show often airs episodes out of order, this one is officially "Episode 103". It's probably the edgiest episode of them all, so far.
  • Spike does it!!!

    The show was great.

    "Next, have your Nerd lower his pants and score it with the Pina Colada Song." At work on monday, we were all quoting the episode. Couldn't stop laughing. Tom Green - a little nutty for my taste, but Spike made it work. The show isn't long enough, is my only complaint. Feels too short. Give me an hour or something. I loved when the lady 'walked the line.' Spike literally kicked her out of the studio. Classic. I want more idiot paparzi. When I walk around the streets sometimes, I find myself doing it to people (in my head of course).
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