Tall Tales and Legends

Showtime (ended 1987)


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  • Season 1
    • Annie Oakley
      Annie Oakley
      Episode 9
      Shelley Duvall narrates this tale of the surest shot in the west. Annie joins Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and becomes one of the most celebrated performers of all time.
    • Davy Crockett
      Davy Crockett
      Episode 8
      Davy Crockett was the ultimate hero of the wild frontier, and fought and died gallantly at the battle of the Alamo against the Mexican invasion of Texas.
    • John Henry
      John Henry
      Episode 7
      Danny Glover stars as John Henry, the American folk hero who gave his all to prove that while the industrial revolution was indeed a boon to the country, the power, strength, and integrity of a "natural born man" could never be replaced by a machine.
    • Ponce De Leon
      Ponce De Leon
      Episode 6
      He traveled with Columbus on his second voyage, discovered Florida, and searched for the fabled Fountain of Youth.
    • Johnny Appleseed
      Johnny Appleseed
      Episode 5
      The story of the boy who loved to eat apples, portrayed by Martin Short in JOHNNY APPLESEED. He ate apples all his life and hardly anything else. But then, he discovers the consequences...This is a charming and humorous tall tale from this wonderfully amazing series.
    • Darlin' Clementine
      This is one of the more complex features in this show. DARLIN' CLEMENTINE is based on the famous song. Shelley Duvall plays a beautiful maiden who is loved by all. This was one of the most complex features because the cast and crew all had to work together to find the perfect plot.moreless
    • Casey at Bat
      Casey at Bat
      Episode 3
      Elliott Gould as the newsboy-capped benchsitter who wants nothing more than a chance to play. Finally granted his wish, he turns out to be an ace hitter, elevating the struggling sport's profile and foiling the plans of an evil mud factory magnate to buy the stadium on the cheap and turn it into a sludge dump. Aided by his faithful fiancée (Carol Kane) and a magical mentor (Bill Macy), Gould fights the good fight until the mogul tempts him with a less-than-virtuous beauty.moreless
    • Pecos Bill
      Pecos Bill
      Episode 2
      The Grand Canyon was his private swimming hole, he dug the Rio Grande on a slow afternoon and he cooked his grub from the Texas Panhandle itself. Pecos Bill, the delightful tall tale hero of the Old West.
    • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
      Ed Begley Jr. stars as Ichobad Crane, a man who has been recently enrolled in being the schoolmaster of Sleepy Hollow. When his eyes fall for Katrina Van Tassel (Beverly D'Angelo) and when her eyes fall for him, Brom Bones, her current boyfriend tries to give Ichobad a little scare. He gathers his friends around in the creepy forest in order to bring the famous legend of Sleepy Hollow to life! But when the headless horseman really shows up, it is up to Ichobad to get safely to the Ghost-Free Bridge and be able to get to the Van Tassel home before his time comes!moreless