Tank Overhaul

Season 1 Episode 4

M18 Hellcat

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2007 on The Military Channel

Episode Recap

Karl Smith is a collector of military vehicles and owns nearly two hundred various items in his collection. Karl has rescued a World War II American M-18 Hellcat tank destroyer and plans to restore it in time for a special V-E Day party. He enlists the help of tanks restorers Roger Condron, Greg "Goose" Lloyd, and Randy Killen. Also helping with the project is historian Geoffrey Panos. They are attempting to restore an M-18 Hellcat that Karl has brought to his facility just south of Salt Lake City, Utah. They also have the original commander of the Hellcat coming by.

A brief history is given on this unique tracked machine. It was the fastest tracked vehicle in World War II at fifty-three miles per hour. That's even faster than the M-1 Abrams tank of today.

The guys get it together in time for the V-E Day anniversary and the former commander, who is now eighty-seven years old, hops in the tank and they take it out for a drive.