Tantei Gakuen Q

TBS (ended 2004)


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  • Season 1
    • The Future Detective
      With Dan safe and sound, the truth about Kyuu's saviour and inspiration is revealed.
    • Dan Morihiko, Kidnapped!
      Dan is kidnapped and the whole school is called upon to help search for him. In the process Kyuu finds a photo of Dan and a man who once saved his life, not to mention began his obsession with detection.
    • Ryuu's Determination
      Whilst conducting their wrap up the class bring many new clues to light and Ryuu realises that Pluto has something to do with the case.
    • Village of the Traitor
      The case becomes more complicated when a second murder is committed and a local legend comes to light leading to an abundance of suspects. Meanwhile, the police also cause problems when they propose a solution to the first murder.
    • Murder Case of the Maya Princess
      The class is called in to investigate the strange occurrences and threats against a village whose residents oppose the building of a new dam. However, things turn deadly when a man is found decapitated and burnt behind a locked door. Meanwhile, at a local spa the boys discover that they are separated from the girls by only a thin, passable wall.moreless
    • Duel! The Headless Woman
      While staying with Kyuu, Ryuu gets involved in a mystery concerning a headless ghost.
    • The Death March of Friendship
      While Kinta and Kyuu race to get Ryuu to a hospital Hongo tells students about the existence of the criminal organization, Pluto. To make matters worse one of their agents may be amongst them.
    • Homicide Concerto
      Homicide Concerto
      Episode 38
      Another death gives the class the break they need but the revelation of the killer's identity costs one of the students dearly.
    • Rhythmn of the Death God
      When one of the violinist's is poisoned, Ryuu's suspicions and the lack of evidence cause him to lose his self-restraint. However, things continue to get worse when another person dies.
    • The Murder Case of the Illusionary House
      When the class is called in to investigate a death threat sent to a prominent violinist, they become entangled in a fight for succession as each of the violinist's students vie for supremacy.
    • Bomb of the Terrifying Gem
      Kyuu and Meg's holiday turns out to be a blessing in disguise when a bomb threat is issued.
    • The Curse that Disappeared
      Kazuma is closer to solving the mystery of who tried to kill his teacher.
    • Mystery of the Home Economics Classroom
      One of Kazuma's old teachers is in danger, a mysterious dancing efigy is out to get her. When she takes one of its poisoned darts, Kazuma promises to find out who did it, but when he does, can he handle it?
    • The Beauties Detective Squad
      After Kyu and Kenta get caught sneaking around a girls dormitory whilst looking for a lost item, the school deploys an all girls team, consisting of Meg and two girls from class A.
    • Tragic on the Net
      Tragic on the Net
      Episode 31
      Meg is back safe, and the killer's identity is discovered. However, to catch him the class must set up a meeting with all of their suspects.
    • Broadcast of the Campus of Death
      As the case unravels new clues and suspects come to light, strange connections are found and the death count rises. Then Meg gets taken, and she too will be killed.
    • Collector of Killers
      Since they are the only ones who can pass as college students, Meg and Ryuu are sent to a school where students are dying and videos of their deaths are being broadcasted on the internet. After Ryuu's intellect amazes the class, they make some friends and some enemies.
    • SOS from the Underground Prison
      With Kyuu and Meg still locked underground Hongo and the others try to find them. But time is running out for the poisoned Meg.
    • The Lost Dragon
      The Lost Dragon
      Episode 27
      Class Q has a new teacher, Hongo and his brash manner leads to Kyuu and Meg staying after class to clean the building. However, they soon discover a strange painting which leads to an even stranger murder.
    • Megu Is Being Targeted
      Megumi is prompted by her sister to invite her classmates over for dinner. However, someone chooses that moment to break in to her house and the class begin to investigate.
    • An Old Enemy! Pluto
      With some help from the rest of his class Kyuu is able to solve the case of the idol's curse. Meanwhile, hints of a sinister organisation begin to surface from the shadows.
    • The Cursed Idol
      The Cursed Idol
      Episode 24
      When Kyuu gets interested in one of the cases sent to DDS he decides to use his vacation time to investigate. However, he is soon challenged to a deductive duel by Sakurako Yukihira of class A.
    • Alibi Train
      Alibi Train
      Episode 23
      A cartoonist believes she has found the perfect way to commit murder on a train and get away scott free. Unfortunately she makes one mistake, sitting in the same compartment as Kyuu and Kinta.
    • Dinner of the Dead
      Dinner of the Dead
      Episode 22
      Whilst doing fieldwork on a plateau class Q come across a murder where the time of death doesn't fit with the statements of the local residents.
    • The Last Mysterious Disappearance! There's Only One Answer
      With the facts laid bare the murderer flees and Kyuu's life is put in danger.
    • It Comes to Light! The Masked High Priest - Crimes and Lies!!
      Ryuu and Kyuu have solved the mystery including the tunnel, the murders, and the masks. Now as their signature accusatory meeting begins the truth will be revealed, as will the murderer.
    • The Revelation of Death! You're Next!!
      While Kyuu, Kinta and Kazuma try to unravel the mystery behind a cryptogram they found, Megu and Ryuu are summoned to the high priest.
    • The Conclusive Moment! The Corpse that Disappears into the Sky
      When a new murder takes place the local villagers believe that the local Gods are responsible. As such it is up to class Q to get to the bottom of the crime.
    • Uncharted Waters that Lead to Death! The Legend of Kami Kakushi Village
      Class Q is sent to Gourd village to investigate the disappearances connected to the drawing. Upon arriving the class is greeted by many strange sights, such as people in masks and a group of TV journalists.
    • Class Rivalry! Battle of the Vanishing Person
      Nanami tricks class Q in to solving one of his cases for him by posing as Dan. When the real Dan learns of this he sends class Q off to investigate more thoroughly.
    • 30 Meters Underwater. The Case of the Underwater Locked Room Murder
      While on a vacation by the sea, class Q comes across a group of marine biology students whose teacher has gone missing. As such, the class gets involved with underwater graves, treacherous students and hidden treasure.
    • An Announcement From the Spiritual World! The Forbidden Truth!!
      The identity of the murderer is revealed and there is another surprise regarding the psychic's true identity.
    • Evil Spirit in the Locked Room! The Unstopable Murders
      The class gets closer to finding the murderer, but another death awaits as they get involved in insurance scams and feuds over the inheritance.
    • A Curse Breaks Out!? The Seance Murder Case
      The class witnesses a séance, one in which a family will is revealed. When the psychic in charge is murdered while in an enclosed circle the class gets to work. Too bad that there are so many suspects.
    • The Final Deciding Match! The Truth about Q Class!!
      Class Q finally figures out that Dan is the perpetrator of the "murders". Dan then reveals that class Q is not the remedial class but the school's elite, and that this was all a test to weed out the unworthy.
    • The Beautiful Boy Genius - Exposing the Perfect Mystery Room.
      Ryuu appears to have solved the locked room mystery but all of the evidence points to Dan being the culprit.
    • Showdown! The Cutthroat Who Crossed Through Time!!
      As more of class A die, Ryuu's talent is revealed and it appears that he is on par with if not better than Kyuu. Meanwhile, Kazuma's string theory is disproved and both Meg and Kyuu seem to have a strange fixation with Ryuu.
    • The Pretty-Boy Detective! He Appears at Last!!
      The DSS students are taken to an island where they meet a new student, Ryuu, who is a child prodigy. Things begin to get complicated when the students of class A are found murdered behind locked doors.
    • The Jigsaw-Puzzle Will
      When the class goes to visit an artist friend of Katagiri's, they arrive at the scene of his murder. The only clues are a completely blank jigsaw-puzzle and the victims photographic memory.
    • The Perfect 1000-Witness Alibi
      The class stumbles upon a murder of a woman and they already have an idea who the culprit is, the sister. Unfortunately she has the perfect alibi, 1000 people saw her at the time of death. Can they solve this mystery?
    • Crack the Code!? A Message from the Deceased
      A woman's husband has died, but not before leaving behind an encrypted code, and it's up to Kuzuma to crack it.
    • An Intent to Kill at the School Entrance Ceremony! School Bomb Threat
      Kyu and his friends have finally been accepted into the famous DDS. However, they immediately stumble across a threatening note, warning of three bombs placed within the school. Two of the bombs are quickly found along with the bomber. However, it is then up to Class Q to locate the final bomb before it is too late.moreless
    • Final Exam! The Stretched-Around Trap
      The four hopefuls now enter the next phase of their exam. As they chase a suspect up a hill they lose sight of him and soon become separated. Meanwhile, Kyuu and Meg come across an injured hiker. Kyuu beseeches Meg to go on without him while he helps the man.
    • A First Step to Dreams - The Entrance Exam Trap
      Kyuu, Kinta and Meg arrive for the DDS entrance exam along with hundreds of other applicants. Their task is to solve a murder from limited clues and then follow the correct suspect. To make things even worse they have only a few hours to achieve their objective.
    • Awaken! The Best Detective in the World!!
      Kyuu is a junior high school student who dreams of one day being a detective. Whilst out grocery shopping a chance encounter with a fellow student and an old construction worker leads Kyuu to investigate his first murder case.
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