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  • It's ok

    The show is about three guys, Mask, Punkass, and SkySkrape, who go across the country looking for a decent fighter they can sponsor. There is a fight at the end of every episode. I like this show mainly because it's not like watching UFC or WEC. Sometimes it's interesting to see how some fighters personalities are. I also find it funny when something comes up like the bus not starting. It's unfortunate for them but funny for me. If you're interested in and like MMA then you'll probably like this. Though it's not all fighting but traveling and observing they're opponents training, it's still a good show.
  • One of the worst shows in recent memory. I can say that because it's so bad, it blots out my ability to remember anything else.

    Mixed martial arts competition is exciting. Not in this show, however. We follow a bunch of fighters on a trip to various sites where they eat bad food, gawk at strangers, ask for directions at gas stations, and wind up at last in the match of the day. It is rare we get to meet people who are boring and annoying at the same time. Most of the fighters here are both. Also, almost the entire time is dedicated to finding out how "wacky" these people are when they're not trying to break somebody's neck. The final thumb in your eye comes when they pretend to be startled to meet the people against whom they'll battle that night. Come on. I've seen more dramatic confrontations in old Hercules movies.

    However, the worst offense of this show has to be the tacky makeup. Some of the athletes walk around town in the facial getup they wear in the ring. I don't know who on Earth considers this intimidating. It just makes people look like they've forgotten Halloween is only one day. "The Contender" is a much better show. Now, that's real boxing. If you want to see decent MMA fights, too, try UFC. This show is just a waste of time.