Season 1 Episode 6

Destination: St. Tropez

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 07, 2005 on E!

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  • What's with featuring a super exclusive club and a yacht as a possible travel attraction?

    Tara sure has a lot of rich friends. She's on a boat and calls up her friend Anne who has this HUGE yacht. So huge, that they do "cliff diving" by jumping off the edge. Tara also makes references to her friends who participate in the show. It reminded me of Anna Nicole's friends who are all her staff members. Heard Paris Hilton makes an appearance as well.
    Why was the super exclusive club featured on a show where the viewing audience are typically shopping for travel destination attractions? And then once the camera got in, it looked like any other club featured on a Wild On styled show. Dark, noisy, lots of music and partying.
    Tara looks decent in this episode; her travel outfits don't really show her babeness in comparison to her glossed up party flyer. Also, on many occasions she's playing around with a cigarette. Way to trash your voice more than it already is.
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