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  • Who thought of this? Well, obviously, she did. So she could pretend like her life isn't a complete embarrassment.

    Oh, how cute, she's trying to salvage some scrap of a career. Say it with me: Awwwwww.
    Oh well, at least I haven't been inundated with images of her boobs falling out all over the place yet. Yikes.
    P.S. I only gave this show point one because I HAD to give her SOMETHING. Honetly, I couldn't give a f*ck. Just so you know.
  • oh... my... freakin\'... god...

    Thank goodness it\'s getting cancelled!

    Who the hell came up with the idea that watching a rich girl get wasted night-after-night to the point of simian blabber was entertainment? I don\'t care what she does, where she parties, or who are her rich friends. I\'d prefer watching a reality show, and I don\'t even like them. There has got to be a better use of airtime than this.
  • Unbelievable how easy it must be to get a show if you "do" the right people in Hollywood.

    What a complete joke. I wonder how many elevator rides she had to take to nab this gig. She needs to take a little trip to the rehab center and see if she can salvage any of what might be left of her dignity, before it's too late, although from the looks of her recently, and by her behavior, it just might be. Since When did it become cool to trapse around like a cheap drunk hooker on crack? Not that I think she cares too much...but then again, drugs will do that to a person. Looks like she's gotten the piss beaten out of her a few times too. She's just lookin' all around beat, like a piece of beef jerky, half chewed. I guess now all thats left is for her to be spit out...so I say just let her ride out whatever appeal she might still possess, cuz I think her tank is just about on empty.
  • taradise is an extremely awesome show i have no idea how some people dont like it

    taradise is a great show i have no clue how some people think its a waste of show about a slutty rich bitch or anything like that
    most of you are probably just jealous because number one shes hotter then u and number 2 because your not traveling the world.. SHE IS
    taradise=GREAT SHOW
  • Its giving Americans a bad name!

    I never watch the show, but reading the reviews of the show it sounds like Tara donig nothing but getting drunk! Tara is making people think that Americans are retarted and drunk like her! She does nothing but drink her body weight and party her fat but off, while giving the world a bad impression. So down with Tara and her stupid show!
  • Tarable.

    I hate this show about a slut who parties. I'm glad it got cancelled. Oh, and while you're at it, television execs, if ABC can hear me, cancel According To JIm. That show sucks too. Even transmitido en SAP, es muy muy malo prara mis orejas. Muchos muchos gracias ya'll.

    Tara Reid is a crackpot skanky Gaping v-g-na eating hooker who is also a v-g-na !!!! F--k Taradise, its pointless. She goes partying whoop-di-sh-t u can see an hitler wipe his a-- and have a better time with that experience. It was the stupidest move possible to make this horrible show. This is about the worst exuse for a show ive seen. Ive had better times with a piece of crap. Please, please, please, get the hell of the tv u a-- wipe of a show. You can suck my enormous c--k.
  • Who in the hell conjured the idea of this show and what blind, deaf, and dumb executive even let it get past the conceptual phase?

    Can anyone actually offer up even one semi-credible reason for Tara Reid's "popularity" (if you want to call it that)?

    First of all, the woman is giving Paris Hilton a run for her money in the chase for the dumbest, most talentless celebrity. Tara Reid is an easy, trashy, alcoholic, shallow, inept simpleton of a borderline-retardation level (no offense to the mentally impaired). And let us not overlook her breast implants, which look like they were done by Helen Keller. Had she simply gone to a good plastic surgeon for implants and opted for implants to take her up to a full "B" or small "C" cup, she would have been fine. But it's Tara Reid, so no surprise, she didn't. And more recently, it appears she must have found out how much money could be saved on lipo by going to a doctor who operates out of the back of his van in Mexico ... had some ugly evidence of said lipo on her stomach in the photo I saw a few weeks ago.

    Then there is the show itself. Premise? None. Host? Not unless you count Tara Reid. Watchability? Notta. Point? None. Although I am sure Tara is leaving bar tabs big enough to bankrupt some of the small places she visits, which will do nothing for America's image.
  • Stop the slutty madness!

    When are we as a human race going to cease to celebrate the mindless, meandering worlds of these brainless, out of touch, narcissistic \"celebrities\" as they galavant into pretentious clubs and aboard their rich friends\' yachts in San Tropez? (I\'d like to challenge Tara Reid on how many of the above words she actually understands.) Regardless, can someone please answer the following questions: who are these idiot tramps and what do they do to contribute to society in any fashion of the sense? The only good thing here is that Tara Reid will be washed up and forgotten faster that it takes her to spread her legs for some nameless trust-fund fellow.
  • Why does tara have her own show, we already know how hard tara parties, if we wanted to watch tara make a complete idiot out her self we can watch the insider or read the tabloids. what's worse she has that tramp/socialite paris hilton.

    What was e televison thinking? given a show to that god-awful self proclaimed actress tara reid. the talent agancy who decieced to promote tara should be dragged out into the street and SHOT! she single handly screwed up the alone in the dark movie. It's gonna go down hill soon.
  • Ok PEOPLE,first of all its not a tara magnet like you are saying, its a WILD ON, with tara reid as the main person, same as with brooke burke and cindy taylor...i dont understand why you people complain and bitch so much about it, get a life please. . .

    Ok PEOPLE,first of all its not a tara magnet like you are saying, its a WILD ON, with tara reid as the main person, same as with brooke burke and cindy taylor...i dont understand why you people complain and bitch so much about it, get a life please. . .just because you are not her dont hate her
  • what is this show about i think its just to give her camera time casue she's not doing anything else at this moment . . this show reminds me of cameran diaz 's show except hers more interesting then this one not much more to say on this ooh well

    this is the worst show i have ever seen ...she doesnt go in to detail about the place shes at all she says is that it wasa good experience learning about there culture and there clothes ....boring ..but maybe theres a chance it will get better guess we will see
  • A self-serving "let's like Tara" bit masking as a travel show.

    “Taradise" is a shallow, thinly veiled self-serving showcase for Tara Reid masking itself as a travel show. They use that visually disturbing video technique of 1/2 second scene cuts only suitable for those with ADD. And you know what's most surprising and the most likely reason they use those scene-cuts ? She's fat! Tara used to be a thin-waisted hottie, now she’s expanded out like she ate a balloon ! How embarrassing it must’ve been for her to have visited the Greek islands – where there’s nothing but beach and water – and had to cover herself in loose fitting moo-moos. So, if you thought you would watch the show just to check out Tara, don’t waste your time – unless you’re the type that likes to watch car wrecks.