ABC Premiered Sep 01, 2004 Between Seasons


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Taranus is a pilot that turned into to the American Broadcasting Company miniseries, Empire. Filmmaker John Gray brings his cameras to Rome, Italy, to tell the story of how a gladiator teaches a young man how to be an Emperor. It's 44B.C, and the Roman Senate, led by Cassius, (Michael Maloney) assassinates Julius Caesar (Colm Feore). The gladiator Tyrannus (Jonathan Cake) promises the emperor to take care of his nephew Octavius (Santiago Cabrera), the rightful heir to the throne, and to make a man out of the spoiled teenager. The two head to Rome, and along the way, Tyrannus teaches this companion everything he knows. Cassuis and his army are right behind the gladiator and his apprentice, looking to kill the duo the first chance they get. Back in Rome, the general Marc Antony (Vincent Regan) learns about Caesar's assassination and breaks ties with Cassuis. Antony aligns with Octavius, but he quickly betrays him when an opportunity arrives for him to be the next emperor. Antony tries to assassinate Octavius and fails. Tyrannus, who thinks his apprentice is dead joins Antony's army, but must soon choose sides after Octavius enters Rome with a small brave army of his own.