Tarzan (1991)

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Tarzan (1991)

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There are mixed feelings among E.R.B. fans on this attempt to bring the Lord of the Jungle to TV. Cons for the show were the time period just coming out of the 80's our hero is a blonde coifed mono-syllable retread with leather boots and Jane had a French accent. Readers of E.R.B. know Jane was American and Tarzan spoke English with a French accent. Pros for the show were a rewriting of Jane's character as a strong female who's also a scientist trying to help mankind and nature understand each other.

The other major credit to the show was its strong stance on enviromentalism. Something any Tarzan fan can see through the series of movies from Elmo Lincoln in silent films to Johnny Weismuller in sound and Joe Lara in the more recent series, the difference in the landscapes but mostly the animals and what mankind has done to their habitat.

Each episode began with Simon (then Jack, then Dan) reading from his journal, which provided the audience with a brief synopsis of the episode.

The second and third season of this series never aired until after the first season of Tarzan The Epic Adventures. When their second season with Xavier Declie fell through the same syndicated stations began airing season two and three of this series.