Tarzan (1991) - Season 1

(ended 1998)




Episode Guide

  • 5/17/92
    While waiting through the eye of the storm, Roger's memoirs are revealed (as clips from previous episodes).
  • 5/10/92
    Roger Taft, Sr. offers Jane a tempting job in New York, but accepting it means she'll have to leave the jungle--and Tarzan--behind.
  • 5/3/92
    Tarzan and Jane discover new feelings for each other while trying to save a nest of endangered birds from a planned pesticide spraying.
  • 4/26/92
    Jack Traverse returns in the midst of a storm that forces everyone to take refuge with Simon.
  • 4/19/92
    Fashion photographer Blake Evans returns to the jungle with romantic intentions towards Jane. He brings her a pet ferret as a gift...a ferret that carries a deadly disease.
  • 4/12/92
    After a misunderstanding, Cheetah runs away from home and Roger sets out to find him.
  • 3/15/92

    Tarzan has been having bad dreams about the plane crash that brought him to the jungle. Jane stubbornly pushes Tarzan to return to the crash site and deal with his feelings.

  • Tarzan the Hunted
    Episode 18
    A big game hunter who believes he is giving the animals a fair chance by hunting with a bow comes to Tarzan's jungle. He soon decides Tarzan is the ulimate last challenge to hunt, but the hunter soon becomes the hunted.
  • 3/1/92
    Jane and Roger play hosts to a retired schoolteacher, who believes that Tarzan is an alien.
  • 2/23/92
    Jane is bitten by a poisonous spider and the only antidote is found deep in the jungle, so Tarzan seeks out an old friend to guide the way.
  • 2/16/92
    Tarzan comes face-to-face with a rhino poacher he sent to jail years earlier, who escaped from prison and is bent on revenge.
  • 2/9/92
    Fulfilling a childhood promise, Tarzan protects an ancient treasure from unscrupulous poachers.
  • 2/2/92
    Jane's ex-fiance visits the compound, claiming he wants to rekindle their relationship. But is it really Jane's heart he's after...or a valuable hidden treasure?
  • 1/26/92
    Roger sets out to redeem himself after ruining a critical experiment.
  • 1/19/92
    Tarzan and Jane try to place an orphaned lion cub with a new family. Meanwhile, Simon expects a large inheritance after his uncle passes away.
  • Tarzan's Christmas
    Episode 10
    Jane receives a letter from her sister that makes her homesick for a Christmas with snow, while Tarzan worries for the health of his oldest friend in the jungle, a chimp named Maya. Simon is at odds with Roger over his loud music and problems with his Ham radio. The spirit of Christmas perseveres through each person's dilemma.moreless
  • 12/8/91

    A young woman fakes engine trouble with her plane as she searches for vengeance for the death of her father, who was killed by a lion.

  • 12/1/91
    Tarzan and Cheetah search for the source of toxic oil polluting the river and uncover an illegal silver mining operation, run by none other than Tarzan's old enemy, Karl Hauser.
  • 11/17/91
    Jane's cousin comes to the jungle to get away from the distractions of civilization while she's preparing for a body building competition. However Jane discovers her cousin is planning on using steroids to enhance her performance.
  • 11/10/91
    An elephant poacher is making his fortune byway of Tarzan's largest jungle friends and kidnaps Roger and places Jane in deaths way to continue his ill-gotten bounty.
  • 11/3/91
    Roger's father comes to the jungle to check up on Jane's research, which he is funding. When he decides to pull the plug, Tarzan and Roger try to get him to see the bigger picture, not just another tax write-off.
  • 10/27/91
    A fashion model comes to the jungle for a photo shoot. What neither Jane nor Tarzan are aware of is that her sponser is a manufactuer of illegal fur coats taken from endangered species.
  • 10/20/91
    Simon's god son Carlos comes to the jungle for a visit, bringing with him his problems from the city.
  • 10/13/91
    A pilot and his daughter survive a plane crash in the jungle. Unknown to the pilot, his cargo was a shipment of cocaine, and the owner, a man named Karl Hauser, comes looking for the drugs.
  • 10/6/91
    Tarzan finds a sick lioness and turns to Jane to diagnosis what's wrong. Eventually they find greedy men mining for gold are polluting the river with the mercury from the mine and are killing not just the fish in the river, but all the jungle animals who use the river as a water source.moreless
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