Tarzan Lord of the Jungle

CBS (ended 1977)


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  • The Ultimate portrayal of Edgar Rice Burroughs famous character!

    Let me start this review with a few things. This show brought many of the elements of Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan and Pellucidar novels into it. Tarzan is intelligent and well-spoken, something that some portrayals of the jungle lord are not. His friend and sidekick is N'Kima the Monkey, not Cheeta the Chimpanzee. Cheeta was created for the Johnny Weissmuller movies and I hate those movies and the character Cheeta. This series also uses much of the Mangani language. The Mangani are the creatures who raised Tarzan, if you have read Tarzan: the Lost Adventure then you will know that the Mangani are not apes but somewhere between Ape and Human, thus explaining why they are capable of speech. Also it should be noted that the Bolgani which is what the Mangani call gorilla's are capable of speaking the Mangani language, an ability held by all of the non-human primates besides the humans who were raised by them or learned their language. Another element that was used, was the various Lost Cities and lands. This is something which made a large impact on the novels and many of the cities were revisited. You could meet a variety of ancient cultures in these stories and this was reflected in the series. The animation in this is based off of the art of Edgar Rice Burroughs favourite artist, Burne Hogarth. That alone makes it fantastic! Also this series takes place in the early twentieth century which was when the first Tarzan novel was written. So check out this show, you can watch some episodes on the internet, which is where I watch them.