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  • I love it

    I hope that they bring it back, I loved watching it. I have been seeing it on YouTube, but only three episodes have the full episodes and the rest doesn't. I really want them to bring it back and hopefully to put it on DVD so people who love it can own it and watch it to their hearts content.
  • Short but sweet.

    This was one show that didn't get a far chance. I'll admit that it was amid towards a female ardency. But I know for a fact that there were more then a few men that liked the show. It may not of lasted long enough to be one of the greats but it did have hart and I was sorry to see it end.

    This was one of the WB's biggest flops but I must say that I preferred it to other longer lasting show like Dawson's Creak and Felicity.

    There are some shows that burn brightly well there here and this was one of them.
  • The thing i really liked about TARZAN was the way they made the actor look and act like the original TARZAN.

    I was dissapointed when they decided to cancel it since, well, i thought it was an extremely good show.

    I first watched it on Sky One in the summer holidays and was amazed that at last someone had decided to re-create the classic TARZAN but with a twist.

    When i realized that it was based in new york city i thought that was quite a good idea, im definately going to give this show a 4.5 stars because im glad to see a show that isn't just about vampires, or guns.

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  • I may have just watched it for Travis Fimmel...

    Okay, well, is it my fault that the male lead in the show is so attractive that I couldn't resist watching? I mean, he's just so ... Okay, I won't finish that sentence.

    Aside from that, I don't know how much I remember of the actual show itself. I remember thinking it was interesting, and thus entertaining, but I'm not convinced I knew what was going on.

    But hey, I was happy enough being in the dark about what was going on. I liked it.

    It was definitely my guilty pleasure because then the next day my friends and I would all go in for school and discuss it, but not let anyone else know we watched it...
  • They need to bring it back!!!!!! Tarzan was amazing!!!

    I cannot believe they took this off the air! It was one of the best shows out and before it even had a chance to get off the ground, the network gave it the axe! It's a shame there aren't better network excecutives in charge of picking shows. The plot was fabulous, the acting was incredible, the chemistry between Tarzan and Jane was hot, and the conflict was believable. They need to give this show another go, and keep it on for longer than 8 episodes.
  • Ohh yeah I like this show and I was into it and everything and the next thing I knew, the show was cut off and I didn't know what happened at first I thought they were taking a break but no that was not the case they actually cut the show, BRING IT BACK

    BRING IT BACK!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!! I really like this show, I really was into this show it was different, it showed Tarzan in a different way and I loved Lucy Lawless and it was getting good and ya'll just shut it down and I really would love to see this on TV.
  • You guys really screwed up taking this show away, and letting those little teen shows that are all alike stay.

    This show was amazing, I loved it. I couldn\'t believe they took this show away, and let some other less brilliant ones stay. Completely blew my mind. They could do away with those little teen shows that are all the same and overdramatic, they\'re incredibly annoying. And did I mention, they are all the same! This was a good show, they really screwed up taking it off. That\'s all I really have to say about this show. They seriously need to reconsider it. And the one hundred word minumum is super annoying.! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • I miss this show, it was great!

    Come on, he was so hot! And that voice, whoo - hoo! ! !
    I thought it was a really good story, too. I was so sad when it was cancelled. I was looking forward to
    John / Tarzan character evolving. He was so strong and had this amazing connection to nature, he could scale skyscrapers, track people, and was a hero. And always trying to look after Jane. Of course, as a result she was always trying to fix any problems that cropped up because of that. And, of course, she was so into him! That scene where he is bathing in the little waterfall and she comes across him and she is mesmerized ( so was I) and then he turned and saw her. She looked away real quick, I just know I'd still be staring with a stupid grin on my face and drool dripping off my chin. What a man!
  • It was an awesome show! I wish it didn't end but it did have a good ending. I think they should at least put it on DVD! That would be awesome!

    It was a great show with great actors. I thought Travis Fimmel and Sarah Wayne Callies worked great together! I loved that it took place in the city, it was a great twist. They ended the show well with the possibility of it coming back, which I don't think will happen. It would be great if it came out on dvd.
  • This is a re-make of the classic story tarzan. His parents died in a plane crash and he was left in the African jungle to grow up. He came to the city and thats where he meets Jane.

    they defenetely should bring this show back! It was really fun to watch it.
    Ok, so it wasn\'t the most original plot..but still!
    The chemistry between jane and john was great. Why do you cancel shows like this and keep some reality shows that no one watches anyway. I liked it!
  • odd in some places but i can not help liking it.

    As i said odd in places were you are just thinking like that would ever happen that way. But i still liked it the chemistry between tarzan and jane just was heart felt but showed the basic animalistic desire that is still in the human species today.
    And my fav part was the first episode final scene between the two (now that was sweet and hot).
    As well as the first meeting between tarzan and jane.

    i know it has ended in the states but over hear in the uk it has just started.
    and it is so sad it ended.
  • Why Oh Why Do They Do This? Bring it back!

    I cannot understand why they cancel great shows like this! This show was simply Fantastic! When I saw the trailers for it I thought it was going to be rubbish but I always like to give things a fair go so I watched it and fell in love with it! It was made all the better by the fact that Lucy Lawless was in it (didn't know until I saw the opening credits)!
    I couldn't wait until the next episode! I had such high hopes that it was going to be a hit so I decided to look it up and Shock, Horror I found out that it had been cancelled and only 8 episodes were aired! I was totally gutted and when the eighth episode was shown I waited to see what they had to say and I was surprised to hear the bloke say join us next week to find out what happens!!!!! It turned out that SkyOne here in the UK were Showing All The Episodes!!!!!!! I at least took some pleasure out of that! And now they are going to re-run them (in just under 3 hours, lol). This time I'm going to tape them on to DVD to keep Forever!!!!!
  • One of the worse TV shows of the 2003 season

    “John, you really can't jump out at me like that,” says the lovely cop Jane (Sarah Wayne Callies), a New York detective who has not apparently learned to shut her window. Tarzan, you see, never uses doors.

    In this uninspired rehash of the “Tarzan” legend, our hero — who's actually John Clayton, a long-missing heir — lurks wherever Jane goes, gazing glassy-eyed in a glum pout.

    When he's not saving her from criminals, Tarzan-John is running from the evil uncle who took him from Africa. He's also ducking cops ever since accidentally causing the death of Jane's detective boyfriend.

    “His moral compass doesn't waver,” Jane insists.

    Nor does his expression. Travis Fimmel, a hunk in search of a personality, plays "Tarzan" the ape-man as a moody nonentity, who is sometimes mistaken for a mannequin because of his wooden facial expressions.

    This should not come as a big surprise since Travis Fimmel is a former Calvin Klein underwear model and therefore has absolutely no talent or experience as an actor. Sorry, Mr. Fimmel, but standing there with a blank expression on your face is not a form of acting; it only gives the audience the bad or wrong impression that you are clueless or dimwitted.

    Which might be OK if the stories weren't so drearily predictable: Someone needs help, Jane's on the case, Tarzan saves the day. Then they stare at each other pensively to a pop score, WB's mope-opera formula at its most routine.

    WB hoped Tarzan would measure up as the next Smallville, but it fails to intrigue, thrill or amuse.

    One cool twist: the penthouse greenhouse where Tarzan retreats for leafy solace. He's not the only one missing the jungle.

    For everyone's sake, they should just send the pretty boy home, please!
  • The show is a new version of a great clasic. TARZAN (travis fimmel) is brought to america after being shot by his uncle. he finds cop,JANE PORTER and is completely intranced by her. lost in a new world to him, his only salvation is his love for jane

    i can\'t believe that it is gone. they should bring it back. it was (is) one of the best shows i\'ve seen in a long time!!! it had a gorgeous man(travis fimmel) with a sensuality about him that only the real tarzan (or at least a great actor) could posess. they put an awsome twist on an imortal clasic and made it work!!!
    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!
  • What happened?!!! I loved this show and all of a sudden, with no warning, it was gone!

    This was one of the best up and coming new shows on tv, and its gone. I was hooked by the beautiful man Travis Fimmel who played Tarzan. Talk about handsome! WOW!! The story was twisted in a current timesetting only this day and age can do, and still stuck to the original. It was fabulous! Bring it back!